You Can’t Say “Love” in Football

coaches know best2The frosh soph team just got ran over by Mills, 57-15. There were some bright moments but a lot of bad football out there. I know we will get better. I just didn’t like all the quitting; players stopping and not giving chase, players sitting out and not stepping it up, players not knowing or remembering what they are suppose to do. It’s a good thing we had 30 players, otherwise, we would have finished the game with 7. It’s game one-we will get better.

It felt like 80 degrees out there! I’m tired. My head was pounding on the way home riding in a quiet bus. I couldn’t even think football. It was like a cool breeze in the summer, a breath of fresh air,  when I got back to Galileo and the varsity team were in the bleachers waiting for me. Yes, even with Delfonse’s dis-heartened face staring at me from the front row, I felt re-energized. It was 6:45 PM and that made my day. That was the pick-me-up that I needed. If Fox had asked, like he always does, for a hug, I would’ve given him a hug that would’ve gone out to the whole team (but that moment has passed, lol). For that brief moment, I realized, I love this team. This team of 25. This team that has struggled even before the first kick-off of the season. And I know they love me too.

“Love” isn’t too soft of a word to use in football is it? I hope not because I sure feel it. And…it’s game-time!