Winter Break Construction 2010

PROJECT I: Old Equipment Deconstruction aka “Call of Heavy Duty, Black Oops Edition”

What did we do:

  1. Dismantle 5-Man Sled and move to trash (Rusty Dusties Go Bye-Bye)
  2. Dismantle 2-Man Sled and move to trash (Ole Orange to Retirement Home)
  3. Dump old bench, field markers, and trash (Depressed Bench Press and Friends)
  4. Move benches to new shed (Isaac Armstrong Nemesis Quarantined or the Revenge of Isaac Armstrong)

Who did it: Anthony “Body S-” Lam, Wes “Squatman” Ale, Dontell “Sox & Sandals” Jackson,  John “Bench Pressinator” Diep, Jose “Big Foot” Garcia, Kyle “Muscleman” Nelson, Mike “Arms” Chen, Scottie “I’m Not Sorry” Prom, the Return of T-Wu, and Wakey Wayky – special help from Felix (vball).

Quotes of the Day: “Can I bring the bench home, Coach?” “It’s dusty Kyle.” “So…I can clean it.”

PROJECT II: Clean the Lions’ Den

What did we do:

  1. Cleared out all lockers of..everything.
  2. Move 4 lockers to back wall.

Who did it: Coach and “Beam Me Up” Scottie! Prom

Quote of the Day: “I gah-dit coach.”