Hobbling Eagles Forfeit Match to Lions

Galileo’s bounce-back game will have to wait another 2 weeks with Bye Week looming

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Washington V 00 00 00

There was a slight buzz in the rumor-mill Thursday evening that was confirmed by an email from the athletic office stating that there was a 97.5 percent chance that Washington will forfeit their match with the Lions. Early Friday morning, it was confirmed that the Eagles have been sacked by injuries and a lack of commitment from multiple players-at least, that was the rumor because the athletic office never gave a reason as to why the Eagles were unable to fly. At Galileo that game-day morning when the news broke out, none were more disappointed than three former Eagles; coach Jerron Williams (Wash 2013), senior RB/LB Jimmie Edwards, and junior WR/DB Eric Hickerson.

It definitely would have been nice to play at Wash one more time before I graduate,” said Edwards who came to Galileo after his sophomore year at Wash.

Hickerson, a transfer this school year to be with his brother at Galileo, echoed Edwards sentiment, “I thought I would get a chance to play against some people I know over there (at Wash) but it was sad to find out they forfeited.”

Definitely sad. I’m at Gal coaching now but Wash is always in my heart. I was ready to go back to Wash this week. We spent a whole week prepping for this game after a big loss at Lincoln and we find out on game-day there’s no game. On game-day? C’mon. Our players trash-talked us former eagles all week too,” added coach Williams.

Due to this forfeit and a bye week after that, Galileo will have to wait until Balboa’s visit to have a chance to redeem themselves from the 52-18 drubbing at Lincoln.