The Shed Remake

The long time storage space underneath the gym, right next to the field, has been a long-term “parking garage” for track equipment and football “game” equipment. In an effort to keep the space efficient, some of the frosh soph football players came by on a sunny Saturday, August 6th to help organize the shed; cleaning, moving, and dividing the shed into two halves-track to the left and football to the right.

THE MISSION: destroy the evil forces of filthy dirtiness, rid society of the rusted & rowdy, quiet out-of-place shenanigans, reorganize unorganized rebels, turn the shed into a land of happiness for track and football coaches.

THE TEAM: John Diep aka Jawz, Scottie Prom aka Papa Bear, Tony Wu aka T-Wu, Johnson Huang aka Double Last Names.

HOW IT WENT DOWN: organize the track equipment to the left, play around, take out all football equipment and unwanted equipment and put it on the field, sweep, vacuum, move the palettes to the football side, screw in boards to the palettes, play around some more, move a rack a table the lockers, lunch delivered by Anthony L and Alan T, organize all football equipment into the new space, clean up, mission accomplished-everyone gets home alive.

TODAY’S QUOTABLE: “When was the last time this place was cleaned?” “3 years ago, when this place was flooded with mud and coach Don came in here with a broom and mask.”

THE DIRTY LAUNDRY LIST: a lot and we mean a lot of old fishing poles, a few boxes of rusted weights, 2 shopping carts filled with an assortment of things, old nets for soccer goals and volleyball, a messed up tire, a bunch of dirty football pads from the “mud slide”, a rusted mini-freezer, and much dirt.