2012 Season Info

Welcome to the Mighty Lions 2012 football season! We are excited about the upcoming season and the many opportunities to grow as football players, football coaches, football staff, and as people.

As we look forward to meeting current and upcoming challenges, we remember that there is “Strength Through Unity”-that is our program’s motto. Many of us have gone through tough times and tragedies this off-season but we are reminded of the support that is here at Galileo Football because we are a family-past and present.

We will also strive to keep each other accountable in the classroom and on the field – “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”. We can finish 12-0 or 10-0 but I know that our victories in our lives during the season will far out-number the wins, the touchdowns, the points, the yards we gain, and the hours we spend at practice.

What do those victories look like? It looks like you staring in the mirror and smiling and pointing at yourself with 2 index finders then thumping your left chest with your fist because you got it done; it is getting to class on time, having your homework ready to turn in, lending a classmate a writing utensil, swinging by room 452 to bother your coach, not getting yelled at by a teacher about your saggy bottoms and your hat, being present and alert to realize you have learned one thing in class today, brightening someone’s day with a smile or lending a friendly hand, etc.  I am looking forward to being a part of each and every one of your victories, every day. Love you all even when I’m yelling at you but please don’t ask for a hug.” – Coach Mark.

The 2012 football season will officially begin on August 3rd. Before that, the Galileo Lions would have had the opportunity to prepare by attending; a.m. sessions, winter camp, spring training, and summer camp.



  • Mon/Tues/Fri: on the field 20 minutes after the bell, 15 if it’s pre-game (ends 6pm)
  • Wed/Thurs (block days): on the field 20 minutes after the bell, 15 if it’s pre-game (ends 5pm)
  • Sat: 9:30-12
  • Tues Soccer Game days: study hall after school (in cafeteria 15 minutes after the bell)
  • Thurs Soccer Game days: on the field 15 minutes after the bell
  • Holidays will have a 2pm start time (end at 5pm)



  • Wed Aug 1 (OTA 2-4PM)
  • Thu Aug 2  (OTA 2-4PM)


  • Starts Friday August 3rd
    • Session 1: 1pm 3pm
    • break: 3-3:30pm (bring a healthy snack)
    • Session 2:  3:30pm-5:30pm
    • Fri Aug 3 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Sat Aug 4 (10am-1pm)
    • Mon Aug 6 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Tues Aug 7 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Wed Aug 8 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Thu Aug 9 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Fri Aug 10 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Sat Aug 11 (10am-1pm)
    • Mon Aug 13 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Tues Aug 14 (1pm-5:30pm)
    • Wed Aug 15 (1.5 Sessions: 2pm-5:30pm
    • Thu Aug 16 (1.5 Sessions: 2pm-5:30pm
    • Fri Aug 17 (1.5 Sessions: 2pm-5:30pm + freshmen orientation in the morning
    • Sat Aug 18 (10am-1pm) Freshmen Welcome Day + Intra-Squad Scrimmage
    • Get your physical asap
    • Get your G-House spirit pack ($20 for sweater + 2 shirts or sweater + shorts) ($30 for sweater + 2 shirts + shorts)
    • While you’re getting new clothes for school, don’t forget our “Game Day Dress Code” (check your player’s handbook)
    • Also, players are still responsible to meet the minimum points to participate this season


Sum-sum-summertime! All Galileo football players and incoming frosh who want to play football this season can attend summer camp. Get your physical and bring your gear, it’s time to put some work in! Incoming-frosh, please bring your letter of acceptance and your report card if available.


  • Starts on Monday July 2 (2-4PM) @ the football field.
  • Monday-Friday
  • Last Summer Camp is Wednesday July 25
  • FRIDAY TIME CHANGE  (7/20) 1PM-3PM due to mandatory pre-season coaches meeting
  • Bring gear for usage on the field and in the weight room, sometimes in the gym. For all the rookies, no red please.


  • All of June
  • July 26-31


  • July 21 (11AM-4PM)