Galileo’s 2017 Spring Ball season is currently in session. With major offensive weapons returning from a high scoring 2016 season, the Lions are ready to light up the scoreboard at the spring game. Returning QB, Adrian Poot will be a force with his ability to spread the ball around. The 2016 AAA Running Back of the Year, Yarvell Smith will look to show the world what he can do as a sophomore next season but until then he is going to be a huge problem for Galileo’s defense in the spring game. Smith, a more than capable linebacker, will also get on the other side of the ball more this upcoming season. Other key offensive weapons to lookout for are sure-handed wideouts Jackie Guo and Erasmo Rivas. The biggest unknown for Galileo will be how it’s offensive line will respond from losing three seniors: it’s line is hinging on three rookie big boys; Thomas Santos, Eric Larreynaga, and Max Miles. Defensively, with the departure of all-city players; Connor Chavela (MLB), Demaje Ardis (OLB), and Miles Mainini (DE), the Lions will feature upcoming juniors, Ronald Fox (FS), Antonio McBride (MLB), and Johan Lacayo (DE/LB).


  • Week 1 & 2: all currently eligible players can attend
  • Week 3: all ineligible players can begin practice after submitting a GLF progress report. This is also the last week new players can join the spring season.
  • Week 4: rosters will be announced at the end of the week
  • Week 5: a purple vs orange scrimmage will be held Friday
  • Week 6: “Purple vs Orange” Spring Game (non-padded)
  • “Purple vs Orange” Galileo’s Spring Game is set for Tuesday, May 23rd @ 2pm. For the first time, there will be purple and orange uni’s instead of purple and white.
  • Rosters will be announced at the end of week 4


  1. Will Galileo’s defense be a run-stopper?
  2. Can the offense get to another level and average 30+ points per game?
  3. What will the players commitment level be like for their academics?
  4. Will everyone be eligible at the end of summer school?
  5. Will the varsity locker room ever get a face-lift?
  6. How many guys will bench over 200 lbs by August? Because all the coaches can do that already.
  7. How many BBQ’s will they have this 2017 season? They already had 2.
  8. Will Coach Mark get a hair cut sometime soon?
  9. Where does Coach Carton get all these weird workout routines?
  10. Is Coach Black really fluent in Spanish?