San Rafael Scrimmage Kicks Off 2014

Depth is the Current Issue for Lions

Galileo’s outlook for the 2014 football season won’t be determined by their efforts at San Rafael High tonight for their scrimmages (FS 5pm, V 7pm) but health will. With an under-25 man roster, the varsity Lions can not afford to lose a single player for any duration of the season. Likewise, despite a current 40-man roster, the frosh-soph team’s lack of experience after the first team will plummet all-around performance significantly. Fortunately for the young Lions, once the frosh learn their fundamentals, they will be a force to come up against. Vice versa, the varsity can only slow the bleeding but not stop it as their roster only allows a 2-deep rotation as compared to last season’s 40-plus roster boasting a 4-deep rotation. As of today, depth will be an issue for both Galileo squads but what we have learned in the past is that Lions often play with bigger hearts.

Pre-Season Schedule Outlook

  1. Tamalpais (home-Sat. 11am & 2pm)
  2. Sacred Heart-SF (home-Sat. 11am & 2pm)
  3. De Anza (away-Fri. 4:30pm & 7pm)
  4. Ft. Bragg (home-Sat. 11am & 2pm)
  5. Bye Week