Lions Up-ended by Rio Vista in Rematch

Ronald Fox drops back to pass against Rio Vista.

Tackling & Turnovers Doom Lions in NorCal Rematch

Galileo Lions V 18 12 30
Rio Vista V 36 18 54

The Galileo Lions were not dialed in and a hungry-for-revenge Rio Vista Rams team took it to them for exactly that, revenge. After forcing a Rams fumble in the redzone, Galileo looked like they were in business but a risky 4th and inches QB sneak on their side of the field allowed the Rams to score first and never relinquish the lead. Down 8 with 2 minutes before the half, Galileo gave the Rams another opportunity to score when they intercepted a pass thrown by running back, Yarvell Smith. Rio Vista took advantage to go up 18 points at the half. With the first possession in the second half, the Lions figure to close the gap but the Rams’ defense which was broken only 3 times (rushing TD’s by Smith once and Jimmie Edwards twice), held their ground. On the opposite end, the Galileo defense which fell apart on a slew of poor tackling and miss-alignment turned another ugly corner when two key players were injured, Joseph Ale (DT) and Smith (LB/SS). As both teams inch closer to league play, it is clear that the Rams are running on all cylinders and the Lions have some work to do.

Poor Lion Defense Gives Rams Record 72 Pts

Galileo Lions FS 00 00 00
Rio Vista FS 48 24 72

When a visiting team puts up 72 points, it just means one thing-poor or lack of tackling. The young lions allowed the Rams easy access to the endzone and the scoring spree never stopped until the Rams scored a late rushing TD with 2 minutes left in the match. Galileo had a few opportunities in the red zone but was unable to get on the scoreboard. Special teams played a huge factor as Rio Vista recovered onside kick after onside kick. The lone bright spot for the young lions? They kept on playing and never quit. Like the varsity team, this squad has much to do in preparation for league.

Photos by R. Schnitzer