“One Team” in 2011

On the eve of the first practice, the beginning of double-sessions, all Galileo football players “should be” thinking about the season. They should be unable to fall asleep in anticipation of; seeing their teammates and coaches, seeing the football fly around the field, running plays on both sides of the ball, and being outdoors without a care for academics…for now. And when they fall asleep, they should be waking in the middle of the night, in cold sweat, from bad dreams of running suicides and getting yelled at for making mistake after mistake. All this will be followed by a texting conversation at 2:45 AM…

Scottie: [T-Wu? U awake?]
T-Wu: [?? wth? :-@ my z’s!]
Scottie: [Oh sry bt i had a bad dream : -( C vasa ws yelling at me]
T-Wu: [y]
Scottie: [I culdn’t snap the ball rt]
T-Wu: [cmon vasas cool]
Scottie: [serisly he freaks me out bt don’t tellem tho]
T-Wu: [brb, another txt]…
T-Wu: [its c vasa. he’s >:-( !!!!! lol. he wanted ur #]
Scottie: [oh shoot oh shoot. u didn’t give it t hm?]
T-Wu: [lol. jk man. it ws jawz! he culdn’t sleep cuz of the cson. u kno-he’s a noob :-^]
Scottie: [k thx. imma try t go bk to sleep. h/o…a knock at the door]
T-Wu: [call 911 lol]
Scottie: [neh prob my mom, i ws prob screming fr the dream]
T-Wu: [nite scottie, this is c vasa btw n/j πŸ˜‰ I found t-wus phone in the weight rm]
Scottie: [wtfreak! heck no! oh shoot i’m dead i’m dead]
T-Wu: [im *vin. c u tmr fr some suicides! lmho]

Your turn G-House ballers!

What does “One Team” mean to you? Please submit your comment with the “short and brief” answer that’s to the point. Best comment will be prized. Deadline is Monday August 1st, 10AM. [btw, if u dn’t partici8…u alrdy kno]