Varsity Dominate Lowell, Frosh Soph Opposite

Varsity Blues in Cardinal Triumph

Galileo Lions V 24 15 39
Lowell V 00 08 08

Typically, a 30-point victory is a cause for celebration and such a victory at the homecoming game might even be euphoric but not for the Galileo Lions offensive team who was limited to 13 snaps, partly due to Lowell’s run game, the Lions’ big play potential, and their very own, Jimmie Edwards. With a running clock in the second half, Edwards didn’t waste any time as he took the opening kick off and ran from the left hash to the right and then straight to the endzone to put the Lions up 30-0 and simultaneously taking away an opportunity for the offense to shine. Shortly after, another successful defensive series allowed Michael Duran to run 80 yards for Galileo’s final touchdown of the game. Lowell would take possession late in the third quarter and slowly churned their way to get on the board and capped that drive with a 2-point run just before the game ended. 

Four different Galileo players scored on offense; Reese Bickart opened things up early with a 60-yard reception from Ronald Fox, Edwards scored on a 1-yard plunge after Duran fail to cross the goal line after a 16-yard catch when he was pushed out of bounds at the 1, Duran did score later with an 80-yard dazzler, and Yarvell Smith who was shockingly efficient with 101 yards on 3 carries also found the endzone. 

Young Lions Continue Scoreless Streak at Lowell

Galileo Lions FS 00 00 00
Lowell FS 22 28 50

The Galileo frosh-soph football team continued it’s struggles on offense and defense in another scoreless league match. A patchwork squad of subs and second teamers who were propelled to start continued to have growing pains. It’s not all bad however as frosh QB Kenneth Sanford continues to improve along with frosh RB Key’on Quarles. The offensive line is the main culprit for Galileo’s inability to reach the endzone but it found quality players in sophomore center, Mohammed Meftah and frosh guard, Angel Alvarez.

The young lions, visiting Lowell, failed to contain Lowell’s run game as the Cardinals were able to get outside the edge for big runs and big runs eventually led to DB’s falling asleep, allowing 2 TD passes. A highlight for the Lions against Lowell was first year player, sophomore Anthony Zhang who made some big hits at the Safety spot.

Despite losing key players and a few others quitting for the season, the remaining lions are showing a dedication that will pay off eventually. It is often said, “adversity reveals character” and this season has been a case-study of that so far.

Photos by R. Schnitzer (FS), J. Huynh (V)