Lions United Minutes (Jan-2012)

Points of Emphasis

  1. Get in the weightroom now!!!
  2. The Player Handbook
  3. Taking notes at meetings and having a binder


  1. Minimal points to play in 2012 is 200 (see handbook for points system)
  2. Turn in player contract asap
  3. Build a player binder with notes and handbook
  4. Need binder for all meetings
  5. Check our website for football events
  6. A.M Sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays (7:20-7:50)
  7. Turn in money for Spirit Pack ($20 for shirt and shorts)
  8. Fundraisers (Chinese New Year Parade and Liftathon-players are responsible for at least $100 raised)
  9. Meetings (Lions United = for all prospects on 1st Tuesday of month, Veterans United = 2nd Tuesday)
  10. Meeting minutes will be posted on our website
  11. Keep an eye out for Implementation Days (see our website)


  1. Ronzel Fox voted top sophomore in Bay Area by SF Chronicle