Lions United Minutes (Feb-2012)

Points of Emphasis

  • Pay attention to the Points System
  • Check the calendar on the website periodically
  • Get into a spring sport
  • Our first OTA
  • 1st QTR grades ends
  • Still have quite a few players without contracts


  • Remember your football binder at all meetings except Lions United
  • Winter Camp on Wed & Thurs until March combine
  • Your job now? What should you be doing…


  • There are a few players ready to pass the 100 pt mark (Scottie, Conrad, Eddie)
  • Reminder that Sabbaticals & Ghosts need to successfully finish a spring sport and a 2.5 GPA (schedule a time to “state your case” with coach Mark – proof of spring sport & gpa)
  • No 2nd QTR 2.0 = no spring ball & spring game unless progress report is good on the 4th week (follow handbook procedures
  • OTA on Feb. 10!