Galileo Defense Falters in Loss to Bears

Shaky Defense Allow Bears to Score 40 in Loss

Galileo V 28 08 36
Mission V 20 20 40

Yarvell Smith #5

At Kezar, the Mission Bears took the opening kick and proceeded to march down the field without much resistance from Galileo. Even though the Lions’ offense returned the favor and went on to help take the lead and keep a lead at the half, the defense which had allowed only 6 touchdowns all season never recovered. Galileo allowed two Mission players to rush for more than 100 yards each. And when counted upon to make a game-changing stop on 4th and goal for the Bears, Galileo’s defense faltered by missing two tackles to allow a score. The rough day had few highlights but junior safety, Michael Duran got his first interception of the season.

Galileo’s offense played a spectacular first half with two amazing TD receptions; the first by Jackie Guo who out-leapt two Mission defenders and the second, Reese Bickart caught a pass over a Mission defender with 1.4 seconds left before the half. While star running back, Yarvell Smith was held in check (13 rushes for 46 yards), quarterback, Adrian Poot scored twice on QB sneaks and junior running back, Ronald Fox chipped in with a tough run, bouncing off defenders for a score.

After giving up the lead in the fourth, the Lions rallied to score but a failed on-side kick allowed the Bears to run out the remaining 1:45. 

Mission players left their sideline and ran across the field in the second half.

This game had a hostile environment throughout as the Bears showed up chanting profanities and took the field with aggression by delivering late hits and unnecessary contact after the whistle. There were also lots of trash talking. The most controversial play of the game happened after a Mission player was flagged for a late hit out-of-bounds and because the Mission players stood up in the mass of Galileo’s sideline and lingered, a bit of shoving occurred. Despite no punches thrown and no evidence of a fight, Missions’ entire sideline ran across the field with their coaches. There were also non-team members running across the field as evident by Galileo’s game film. Per CIF rule, it is an automatic ejection from the game if any players leave the sideline but the referees did not make that ruling. Instead, that sequence resulted in 3 flags; 1 for the late hit by Mission which was enforced and 1 for unsportsmanlike behavior on Galileo and likewise 1 for Mission which off-set each other. If the referees had made the right ruling, the game would have ended there with a Mission forfeit for not having enough players to continue the game. That occurred late in the second half with a 20-20 score. In the fourth quarter, a Mission was ejected for throwing a punch at a Galileo player. (video can be seen here


Bears Roll at Galileo

Galileo FS 00 00 00
Mission FS 34 00 34

Robby LeeA depleted roster got thinner before the game started when sophomore linebacker, Ryan Lee showed up with early symptoms of the flu-Lee is also a starting receiver. The lack of Lee’s presence at left outside backer allowed the Bears to scored two times by cutting back where Lee’s replacement should have been. Add anther rushing TD and a punt returned for a score and Mission had a commanding 34-point lead at the half.

The young Lions had their head down most of the first help and looked like they had packed it up and were ready to go home. But a good halftime rally gave the lions some life in the second half as they shut out the speedy Bears. Great DB play was on display for Galileo as Robby Lee picked off two passes, one returned for 80 yards. Brandon Ho helped controlled his side with numerous solo tackles coming off the blocker.