Lions Rout Cardinals in League Debuts

Lions Shake Off 2-Week Dust to Rout Lowell

Galileo V 22 15 37
Lowell V 06 08 14

Lions D stifle Cardinals.
A bye-week followed by Burton’s forfeit a week before, gave Galileo too much rest as its offense looked rusty as evident by passes a step out of reach and a few missed blocking assignments by the offensive line. Though there were numerous offensive miscues, the Lions did not punt once in the game, taking a 22-6 lead in the first half on three possessions. Senior receiver, Jackie Guo got the Lions on the board with a tip-toe 10-yard TD catch from quarterback, Adrian Poot. Junior wideout, Reese Bickart caught his first score of the season in the second half. The other three touchdowns came courtesy of sophomore running back, Yarvell Smith who wowed the crowd when he got bottled up in the backfield but was able to reverse course and sprint down the right sideline to the end zone. Smith also scored on a 50-yard run up the middle.

The defense, just as rusty, didn’t get tougher until Lowell threatened to stroll into the red zone and score. Jimmie Edwards and Antonio McBride made sure the Cardinal backs didn’t leak out through all the trash and explode for any signature Lowell long runs. Lowell’s double wing offense kept shoving the Lions back 3 to 5 yards at a time but it wasn’t able to get into the end zone. 

Matt Tu Leads Arial Attack to Stun Lowell

Galileo FS 24 16 40
Lowell FS 08 06 14

Sophomore quarterback, Matthew Tu unloaded 6 touchdown passes against the Cardinal’s aggressive man-defense. The happy recipients were sophomores, Brandon Ho and Robby Lee, and frosh, Rob Baker twice (also one on the ground). Tu’s arial assault was a stark contrast to Lowell’s famed double-wing ground-and-pound run-first offense.