IDK but It’s Gonna be Fun

When people ask about the upcoming 2012 season, the first thing I do is shrug, then I say, “I don’t know.” But I actually do know. I add a little more with a calm voice, “We are young. Our immaturity got us last season.” But I actually think because we are young, we are dangerous. “We’ll see. Looks promising. Got a few horses. We could do well.” But I know we will do well. Win a championship? At this time, every team’s got a chance to win a championship. I always end this discussion with, “I do know that it will be a ‘fun’ season. I don’t know where we will be in November but it’s gonna be a fun ride.” And I can only smile when I finish that conversation because, through all the trials and tribulations and work last year, I had forgotten that football is suppose to be fun.

Just how fun do I think it’s going to be? At least $10 worth of post-it fun.

(Teepee-ing Coach Mark’s car Take…3) Yeah, they got me again. This time, it made the art teacher in me prouder than a D-Tackle who just scooped and scored.