GFL 2012

The Galileo Football Leadership 2012 group consists of 1 player per position per team and another player voted by the team and coaches. The GFL is not just captains or for personal glory but a governing body to keep the football program including players, G-Staff and the coaching staff accountable. This group will meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month while in season and once a month out of season. Our motto will be “Lead, Build, Serve“.

GFL 2012

Offensive Lineman

  • Johnson Huang
  • Victor Ortiz


  • Kyle Nelson
  • Phillip Tran


  • Todd Holland
  • Eddy Yu

Defensive Backs

  • Yanek Hakobyan
  • Alvin Li


  • Ronzel Fox
  • Justin Manalang

Defensive Linemen

  • Nestor Acosta
  • Patricio “Izzy” Israel


  • Dontell Jackson
  • Nick Foster

Vote In

  • Joshua Lu
  • Zach Dang