Wildcats Scrimmage Reveals Much

Galileo traveled into the Sunset District on Saturday, August 27, 2011 to scrimmage the wildcats of St. Ignatius. The “backyard” event featured a young lions varsity team matching up with a veteran wildcats squad who is on the verge of a promising season. The scrimmage revealed a laundry list of things that Galileo needs to take care of before this week’s match with Mills High School.


  1. Sustaining first level blocks: though out-matched in size, the lions could have used better footwork to stay on their blocks longer.
  2. Connecting on blocks at the second level: this one goes for the o-line and the skills players, the lack of breaking down and proper footwork allowed SI’s linebackers to get to the ball in a straight line.
  3. More aggressive on defense: Galileo’s defense, instead of reacting to the wildcats offensive attack all day, should have been going downhill to close the running lanes.


  1. Tackling, tackling, and more tackling: the frosh soph team missed many tackles and looked awkward in their fundamentals as SI ran all over them. This problem can be easily solved if they learn to tackle the waste or lower instead of wrapping the shoulder pads.
  2. Blocking: the offensive line needs to sustain their blocks longer and fire off the ball with a lower stance instead of standing up.
  3. Get to the proper alignment earlier: often, the defense took their time as the wildcats offense was already set.

All-in-all, the coaching staff is a little pleased that Galileo was able to compete and get something out of the scrimmage at both levels.