Game 3: Galileo @ De Anza

Tran Throws 2 TD’s as Lions’ Defense Shines in First Victory

Galileo V 06-06 12
De Anza V 06-00 06

Senior quarterback, Phillip Tran, looking for his first TD toss of the season found Alvin Li on a post route to put Galileo up 6-0 in the first quarter. De Anza tied the game with a minute left in the first half but Tran connected with Rodney Morgan in the second play of the second half for a 65-yard touchdown to put the Lions up for good. De Anza had many opportunities to seize control of the game with multiple trips into the redzone. However, Galileo’s defense held firm when it needed to; Morgan picked off 2 passes at the goal line; defensive ends, Justin Manalang and Ethan Nelson converged on a botched 4th down hand-off to recover the fumble at Galileo’s 9; linebacker, Jamari Hilliard-Vasquez stripped the ball on a De Anza highlight rush; and Galileo’s DB’s had to defend pass after pass but none bigger than the last jump ball that they were able to bat down. After allowing two 50-point games, Galileo’s defense is finally turning the corner.

Young Lions Earn First Win in 2-Seasons the Nail-biting Way

Galileo FS 16-06 22
De Anza 12-08 20

The sophomores in the Galileo football program have never tasted a victory until now and it took just about everything to do it. After taking a late 16-12 lead into the half, Galileo freshman, Johan Lecayo in his first week at linebacker, took an interception to the house to give the Lions their only score of the second half. On Galileo’s 5-yard line with seconds left, De Anza, down 2, opt for a field goal to try and win the game. With a good kicker, this call was a no-brainer for De Anza. Good thing for the Lions, the kick was low and into a lineman’s back and that was enough to send everyone into jubilation.

Galileo sophomore running back, Kenneth Grady stepped up to score twice in the first half after #1 offensive threat, Markell Vilce left the game with an elbow injury. With Vilce out, starting QB, Demaje Ardis also got injured briefly, causing coach Blacksher to make adjustments by moving receiver, Derrick Davenport to quarterback. Despite all the mishaps, the Lions were the victors in the most exciting fashion.