Game 10: LINCOLN

Lions’ Poor Tackling Lead to Rout

Galileo V 00-06 06
Lincoln V 34-12 46

Three plays into the game, Galileo gave host, Lincoln Mustangs a gift when Phillip Tran threw an ill-advised pass that was picked off for 6 points-Tran lobbed a pass to the flat after a defensive lineman had grabbed his jersey from behind causing the pass to fall short. Despite the ugly start, the Lions were only down 13-0 after the first quarter. Then the second quarter happened and the Mustangs ran off 21 consecutive points punctuated by a last minute 85-yard TD run.

Galileo scored in the third quarter on their best drive of the day-after a pair of Jaienda Kumar runs that electrified the sideline, Tran found senior utility man, Eddy Yu for a 20-yard reception. Two plays later, Tran eluded the rush to dump off the ball for a 15-yard touchdown catch to running back, Jamari Hilliard-Vaquez. Galileo’s celebration was short-lived when Lincoln took the ensuing kick-off for the game’s final score.

In an unlikely sunny day at Lincoln, Galileo played their worse game with very few bright spots. Kumar’s flash of running ability and Yu’s catch were as good as it got when multiple Lions’ receivers also dropped passes that were catchable and the blocking was almost non-existent against a heavy Mustang rush. Add on a dozen of missed tackles and the recipe for distruction yielded a lop-sided loss.

Lincoln secured the #2 seed with this win and the Lions will need a win in their final game against Burton to extend their season.

Young Lions Beat Lincoln for AAA Title

Galileo FS  26
Lincoln FS  00

Galileo’s Frosh Soph team shut out Lincoln to improve to 5-0 in league play and win the city championship outright-supplanting the 2008 team as the most recent champion. Despite a season of points in bunches, the young Lions show that it is their defense led by middle linebacker, Connor Chavela, that has been the difference maker. This same defense that held a high scoring Mission team to 8 points a few weeks ago, kept the Mustangs out of the end zone and limiting them to a few first downs for the game. The Mustangs couldn’t run and when resorting to the pass, Chavela led a host of Lions who picked off passes.