Galileo vs Balboa 2012

What a way to end the season! The varsity squad will host the Bucs on Friday at 2PM for a golden ticket to the playoffs. It is also the “Senior Game” which honors 8 seniors this season; Nestor Acosta, Sebastian Breazeale, Jose Garcia, Mark Pineda, Angelo Rubi, Valute Sengpraseth, Rafael Vergara, and Michael “Crazy Mike” Yu. The young Lions at 0-4 will visit Balboa who is also 0-4 on Saturday at 11AM.

Strong First Half Defense Propel Lions back to Playoffs

Galileo V 30–08 38
Balboa V 06–22 28

In the Lion’s “Senior Game”, it was fitting that senior linebacker, Rafael Vergara made the play to change the entire game when he intercepted a pass and ran it back 45 yards to give Galileo a 21-6 lead in the second quarter.  Vergara’s play came after Balboa had just scored and was ready for more but on first down, Vergara pounced on a Buc’s pass to give Galileo a pick-6 in back-to-back games. Kyle Nelson continued a great second half season run with a score on the ground and one to Isaac Armstrong through the air. Running back, Ronzel Fox scored twice and had a potential third score called back on a holding penalty. The win with Washington’s loss gave Galileo a #3 seed heading into next week’s playoffs against #2 seed Mission.

After Balboa returned the opening second half kick off for a touchdown, Fox answered on the first offensive play with a 65 yard touchdown run. The Bucs refused to go away however as Galileo’s defense took the third quarter off, giving up a total of 16 points after the kick off mishap. Fortunately, at the end of 3, Galileo still held a 38-28 advantage. The Lions’ defense rallied in the fourth to hold Balboa to 39 total yards in the first series that ended on the 50 and 9 yards in the second with Fox making a 4th down tackle at Galileo’s 41.

Fox led all defenders with 23 tackles and a pass defend. Vergara continued his excellent defensive play with 18 tackles, 2 passes defended and that game-changing interception for a score. Dontell Jackson who is finally healthy enough to play defense again, picked of a pass in back-to-back games. He scored last week but was tackled after a 54-yard return in this game. Defensive end, Kris Balarezo (10 tackles, 2 sacks) recorded a sack for a safety when he pressured the Balboa quarterback into an intentional grounding penalty while in the endzone. At the other end, Armstrong who is having an all-city type season, tallied 15 tackles, a sack and a pass defend. Defensive tackles, Nestor Acosta and Jose Gato added 11 and 10 tackles each. Like Gato, Jamari Hilliard-Vasquez, a fellow sophomore defensive specialist, continued to contribute with another outstanding performance. Hilliard-Vasquez’s 14 tackles helped give the line-backing corps a total of 60 tackles against the Bucs.

Offensively, Nelson was a solid 7 of 12 for 113 yards with a score to Armstrong followed by a second connection for the 2-point conversion. Nelson also scored on a 14 yard run in the first quarter. Fox ran for 195 yards on 14 carries and scored 2 touchdowns. Jackson totaled 31 yards on 7 carries. Armstrong led all receivers with 4 catches totaling 78 yards, a season high.

Solid Lions’ Defense Tripped Up by It’s Offense in Finale

Galileo FS 08–00 08
Balboa FS 06–08 14

The young Lions finish a 1-win season with a close game at Balboa despite not having starting quarterback, Phillip Tran. Frosh, Ethan Nelson who started in Tran’s place, finished the day with 2 picks and a fumble to end the game but handled the offense admirably after early jitters that resulted in the 2 picks. Galileo had plenty of chances to score after several trips into the red zone and it’s defense kept the Bucs in check until the mis-tackle led to a touchdown to gain the lead for good. Galileo scored on a toss play to running back, Nick Foster and then followed with a Nelson pass to Eddy Yu for the 2-point conversion. Balboa ran back a 99-yard interception to make it 6-8 before their second half touchdown catch and 2-point conversion. With an injured hand, Tran was able to contribute on the defensive side of the ball. Frosh cornerback, Gerardo Quintero recorded his first interception and Victor Ortiz added a sack. Galileo lone win was early on in the season at Deanza.