Forms for prospects & coaches can be found on the district website. Please follow the instructions and links below to guide you through the process.


Each student athlete must have a current physical to participate in any sport. The physical must be complete and filed with the school and coach(es). A physical is only good for a 1-year period, however, players are encouraged to get a physical for each school year. On the physical, each potential sport must be listed in order to be cleared to participate in those sports.

The following forms must be downloaded and completely filled out (click here to download and print all forms).

  1. Student Athlete Pre-participation Physical Form
  2. Parental Consent to Play Athletics Form
  3. Anti-Steroid Agreement Form
  4. Concussion Information Sheet
  5. UCSF Pre-participation Physical Consent Form


Galileo’s football program is always looking for coaches but be warned that the paper trail could be long and confusing. We hope that you will be patient in this process and not give up.

Each volunteer in the district must submit all forms prior to making contact on school grounds with student athletes. Finished forms go to the targeted volunteer school, the AD and principal signs them, then the forms go to the district athletic office (CIFSF also known as AAA) to be approved. Once approved the district will notify the school and the school will notify the volunteer.

There are 2 other things that need to be done along with filling out the many forms; a TB test result must be submitted with the forms and fingerprints must be filed with the SFUSD. Please contact the SFUSD for a fingerprinting appointment. Printing from an outside source will not be accepted. There is a fee for finger-printing.

Click here to download all forms or use the links below for individual PDF’s.

  1. Procedures for Hiring a Coach
  2. ASEP/NFHS Waiver (High School Only and can only be used for 1 season of any sport)
  3. Background Check (Athletic Office copy)
  4. Background Check (District HR copy)
  5. Principal New Hire Approval Letter
  6. Coach Application
  7. Required to Report Child Abuse Form
  8. Coaches Code of Ethics Form
  9. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form (for paid positions only)


Each year there are a handful of transfer students and students from alternative schools who wish to participate in athletics at Galileo. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. All student athletes need a minimal 2.0 GPA + 20 units to participate in any sport.
  2. What is an Athletic WAIVER?
    • Athletic Waivers are for student athletes who do not have a 2.0 during the season but have a 1.5 or better
    • It can only be used ONCE in their high school career
    • The most recent report card must have NO U’S and less than 3 absences
    • The principal and athletic director must sign and approve it
  3. All student athletes need a current physical to practice and play in any sport.
  4. Who is eligible to play?
    • All Galileo students with a 2.0 or better
  5. What do I do if I don’t go to Galileo?
    • If your current school has at least 1 sport, you can not play at Galileo for any sport
    • If your current school has no sports, call the league office (AAA or and ask which school you are eligible to play at, then contact the school after approval
  6. What do I do if I used to go to Galileo but now I’m at an alternative school?
    • If your alternative school does not have a sport then you are eligible to play for Galileo
    • Paperwork will need to be filed with the athletic director to participate in games
  7. I go to a school that doesn’t have a football team, can I play for Galileo?
    • If your school has at least 1 sport, you can not play sports at any other school
    • If your school has no sports and is a SFUSD school, contact the league office (AAA or to see which school you are eligible to play at
  8. I go to a private school, can I play for Galileo?
    • Private school students CAN NOT participate in any public school sports
  9. I’m an incoming freshman, do I need a 2.0 GPA from middle school?
    • Yes, yes you do
  10. I am eligible to play for Galileo but I was expelled from my school last year, can I play this year?
    • Students who are expelled must sit out 1 calendar year
      • Can not play until the day after the expulsion date a year later
    • You can practice but you can not play in games
  11. I just transferred to Galileo from another school this year, can I play sports?
    • First of all, this is a very confusing issue so be patient
    • Transfers who played the same sport in their previous school must abide with the Sit Out Period schedule. They can participate in games on these dates: Fall Sports= Oct 1, Winter Sports = Dec 31, Spring Sports = April 1
    • If the player is playing at the Frosh Soph or JV level then the Sit Out Period is waived if they are first time transfers after their freshman year but if they attend even 1 day at their previous school after their freshman year then the SOP rule applies. Confused? Basically, they are giving all freshmen a “free” transfer so they can play sports without penalties.
    • Students who apply for the FS or JV level cannot “revoke” it and move up to varsity. They must stay at the level they applied for.
    • Click here for more information from the CIFSF website
    • Transfer students can contact the AD to start paper work (a transfer application, a Form 510, and a Section Eligibility Checklist)
  12. Can I play 2 sports at Galileo in the same season?
    • YES you can if your coaches agree to it
  13. If I have further questions about eligibility or have issues about sports or concerns about my teammates, coaches, and fans or need a second opinion for anything else, who can I talk to?
    • There’s 3 people you can go to; your coach, the athletic director, and the principal


Many players, parents, and coaches have mixed ideas about summer school. For many students, it’s a chance to retake a class and get a better grade on their record. For others, it’s a chance to replace a spring semester grade to boost their GPA for sports in the fall. And rarely but it does happen, some even get ahead by getting some courses out of the way. Here’s how summer school grades impact student athletes.

  1. Who should go to summer school?
    • Everyone who has free time or wants to further their education
  2. What is my purpose of going to summer school?
    • You must commit to be a better student academically or you are wasting your time
    • You must commit to the duration of summer school and not quit half way
  3. What classes should I take at summer school?
    • You can take a class you haven’t taken before to get ahead in credits
    • You can also take a class you have already taken and try to get a better grade
  4. How does replacement classes help my GPA?
    • For student athletes, they can take the same classes they had last semester to get a better grade
    • The better grade from summer school will replace the previous grade to give them a better GPA
    • Obviously, if it’s the same grade, your GPA will not change
    • If the grade is worse, it won’t change either-they count the best grade but you would have wasted your summer and tax dollars
  5. How does taking new classes help my GPA?
    • If a summer class is not the same class as the precious semester then it is considered an “extra” class. Even if the class replaces a grade from 2 semesters ago or 2 years ago, it is an added grade.
    • If the grade is an A or B then it will boost your GPA. If it is a C then it’s like a “tie”, doesn’t help and doesn’t harm. If it’s a D or an F then your GPA drops
    • Example: you get 6 B’s from your last report card (the spring semester) for a 3.0 GPA.
      • You take 2 summer school classes to replace 2 F’s you had 3 semesters ago.
      • You end up with 2 A’s from those 2 classes.
      • The 2 A’s get added to your 6 B’s (Apply the formula here: 4 points for an A, 3 points for a B so you have 6 B’s = 18 pts and 2 A’s = 8 pts)
      • Add that up (18+8) and you have a total of 26 points. To get your GPA, you need to divide your 26 points by 8 because you have 8 grades now instead of 6 (6 B’s and 2 A’s). Your GPA will be…yep, 3.25, which is much better than a 3.0 of course.
    • Example 2: same 6 B’s and 3.0 GPA
      • You take 2 summer school classes with the same name as 2 of the classes from last semester
      • You end up with 2 A’s
      • Now you have 4 B’s and 2 A’s because the summer school grades replaced the previous grades
      • The new GPA would be…(4 B’s = 12 pts + 2 A’s = 8 pts) = 20 pts divided by 6 grades = 3.33
      • If you are trying to get a 2.0 GPA so you can play sports, try to take the same classes you had last semester so you can replace the bad grades (usually a D or an F from the last report card)
      • You can do it if you try and stay focused
      • And hopefully, you’ve learned your lesson; work hard during the school year and you get to play around during the summer instead of studying