Featured Lion: Nestor Acosta



GFB: It’s spanish.

BIG NEST: I know.


GFB: Oh shoot, I’m sorry. I didn’t say it right?

BIG NEST: You did.

GFB: Then what do you mean “what”?

BIG NEST: I’m Big Nasty not Big Nest. I’m not some place species of birds can come and perch to rest or nurse their young or a nest of safety and much love, it’s like putting the team on my shoulders and…waitaminute, oh I get it. Nevermind. Go on with the show.

GFB: Ah…okay. Ahem…Nestor Acosta, what kind of last name is Acosta anyway?

BIG NEST: I don’t know. What kind of last name is Prom?

GFB: Touche. A whole season has passed, what was your favorite memory?

BIG NEST: The Lions winning our last game as a team, and not giving up. Even though I had that bad ankle, I’m not that guy that would quit on his team. I’m glad I played.

GFB: That’s real man-talk. True words, I feel the presence of those words.

BIG NEST: Glad I can help.

GFB: Nestor, what athlete can you most relate to and why?

BIG NEST: The athlete I could most relate to is “Scottie Prom” because your like a brother to me, never leavin’ a lineman behind.

GFB: I am too flattered. Does this mean we’re friends?

BIG NEST: Yes but not when there’s food around.

GFB: Next season what are you most looking forward to and why?

BIG NEST: I’m looking forward to getting into the playoffs and a championship in my senior year. And when we win, I will dedicate the season to the seniors of 2011…and you.

GFB: You know. I’m ready to drop my next hit, “Yo, yo, you know…again!”

BIG NEST: Seriously?

GFB: Not really. If you weren’t playing lineman what position would you like to play?

BIG NEST: Fullback because I feel like I can run the ball just as anybody can. And linebacker because for a big boy, I’m pretty fast.

GFB: Out of all the nicknames you were given in the season, which one was your favorite?

BIG NEST: Big Nasty because I am nasty.

GFB: Why not “Nest-T”, or “Mack Daddy”, or even “El Nino”?

BIG NEST: Let’s not go there.

GFB: Okay. Big Nasty, you’re a funny guy right? Tell me a joke.

BIG NEST: What kinda’ joke?

GFB: Any joke off the top of your head.

BIG NEST: I don’t have one.

GFB: Anything. Even a knock-knock joke.

BIG NEST: I said “I-don’t-have-one”. Okay…maybe. How about, “what’s black and blue and red all over?.

GFB: A grape?

BIG NEST: No, your face if you ask me for a joke again.

GFB: That is…nasty.

BIG NEST: I know.

GFB: Alright, last but not the least! What is up with you and roughing up the football players, is it a sense of hospitality?

BIG NEST: What does hospitality mean?

GFB: Like treating people generously.

BIG NEST: Oh yeah, its because we are all family and I see everybody as brothers. It’s my way of sharing to make everybody a better football player.

(Interview by Scottie Prom)