Fantasy Football Camp 2011

Simply put, the first FFC was…fun. After a few days of rain, Sunday, June 5th was perfect for football as the sun came out early at 9AM with a slight drizzle settling in later on for about 10 minutes and finally, the clouds broke for sunshine again at the end of it all. Coach Mark & Coach Ben had a good laugh to start the day when they saw the group walking down Bay street to the field; Adna, a 6’6″ mass-of-a-man, was towering over everyone else.

Out of 13 adults, ranging from ages of 26-40, 2 had football experience and many had soccer experience. Not a much of a surprise because they are from Germany. When each participant finally put on their helmets and shoulder pads, it was game time. Following a light stretch and a few warm up drills, the team took on football drills before a scrimmage; cone drills, tackling drills, 1-man sled work, position drills, and team offense.

Notably, Chris & Chris easily showed their football experience in every drill and conversation. When the day was done, the 2 Chris’s and Adna made some serious contact when involved in drills with each other. In the 5 on 5 Scrimmage session, there were a few touchdowns, a few defensive stops, and a few highlight tackles. At the end of it all; Adna didn’t kill anyone, we learned that a rugby forward pass is illegal in football, minor injuries were minor, 4 hours of football was enough for one day, everyone had lunch, and most importantly, everyone had…fun, in both languages.