Every Season is a Championship Season

coaches know bestA promising season turns quickly. Everyday brings more of the unexpected. Last season I looked forward to having the sophomores move up. I couldn’t wait to coach them, especially the line that dominated the league. How did a good winter and spring become such a devastating summer?

My offensive line decimated itself; the 2 best slipped out of reach back in June, another 2 took on a new road. The month leading up to the scrimmage was filled with inconsistent attendance and more players leaving the program. Now, there are also injuries to deal with. Some are season-ending. It’s so unfair to those who have worked so hard to get to August and then get hurt. The obstacles are starting to pile up even before we play our first contest.

In this time of trying to make sense of it all, I am reminded of what it takes to get to the championship:

  1. Commitment: you must commit to getting to the season, being in the season, and finishing the season…together
  2. Dedication: you must dedicate yourself to the goal, the championship, to each work day, to each play, to each other
  3. Hard Work: you must know there is work to be done and it’s not easy, you have to find work and do the work
  4. Perseverance: in the process, know that there will be obstacles, fight through it, perseverance builds character and character will last a life time defining who you are
  5. Celebration: celebrate every day when work is done, celebrate every achievement-big or small, celebrate each others’ victories on and off the field

If a team can achieve those 5 things, it will indeed be a championship season. The varsity team is starting to turn the corner on step 2.

Day 11 just passed for the frosh and I see them learning to commit to what we’re doing and I hope they will learn the rest quickly.