Coaching Staff History

The contributions of every Galileo coach have attributed to the program’s success. The work put in can not be measured by championships alone as each effort is a brick that has laid a foundation for what the program is today; 16 city championships as of 2009 and staying competitive year after year.

Galileo Head Coaches

Mark Huynh (2009-recent, c/o ’90)

Kevin Adams (1993-2008)

George White (1973-1992) *

Larry McInerney (1969-1972)

George Poppin (1962-1968)

John “Pope” Illia (1945-1961)

Seb Passanissi (?-1944)

Ras Johnson (1930-1940-?) **

Ralph Chase (1929)

Howard Ross (1928)

James Bradshaw (1927)

James E. Spaulding (1926)

McKnight (1923-1925)

Fred Swan (1922)

? Bain (1921)

*Most league championships won (9)
** First championship 1933

Coach Bain introduced football to Galileo in 1921 with a first game that resulted in a respectable 14-3 losing effort. The Lions played their first season with 11 and won much respect in a 26-0 loss to Cogswell in which they finished with 9 players. Bain joined the UCLA staff after 1 season.

A graduate of Berkeley High, Coach Fred Swan took over in 1922 to help Galileo win their first game, 27-2 non-league match against Bates. Then a 47-6 shocker in lower league-play against Sacred Heart. Swan left after 1 season to become captain of Stanford’s varsity squad before joining “Pop” Warner at Temple University.

After Coach McKnight’s 3-year stint, Coach James E. Spaulding took Galileo to the top as the Lions finished in a 3-way tie for first place but was defeated by Lick in the playoff, 7-0. Spaulding started a 3-year string of 1-year coaches; James Bradshaw followed Spaulding with Ralph Chase closing the 3-year carousel.

Ras Johnson took over in 1930 and put together a small dynasty with results of third, second and finally back-to-back city championships in 1933 and 1934, Galileo’s first and second titles. Johnson’s PE teacher position is the culprit for his long tenure, a much needed foundation for Galileo’s 13-year program.

By adding another championship in 1938, Johnson paved the way for “program coaches” who bucked the early trend of 1-and-done. After Johnson’s 3 crowns, Galileo fell into a 37-year drought before Coach George White came over from Balboa to begin an incredible 20-year run of dominance. White helped Galileo break the 37-year streak with a city championship in 1974 before reeling off for 8 more to total 9 championships in a 20-year career at Galileo. White’s program reach a pinnacle in a 3-peat that span 1988-1990 with an impressive 34-1-1 overall record.

Long time assistant to White, Kevin Adams (Serramonte High) took over in 1993 to add 3 more championships with a notable 12-0 season in 2001. Those 3 titles were assisted by defensive coach, Hudari Murray (’90), a 3-time all-city linebacker at Galileo. Adams held the head coach position for 16 years before Mark Huynh (’90) who played under White and Adams took over in 2009. Huynh, a teammate of Murray, along with offensive coordinator/PE teacher, Don Harris, helped Galileo win their 16th city championship in 2009 to snap a city record of 15 also held by Polytechnic.

(The records here are not complete.)