Coach Mark’s Army Football Visit

Touchdown at JFK airport, 740 am- 440 pacific time. Tough loss yesterday 44-34 to Washington-now there’s a 3 way tie for first. Proud of how our team responded in the 4th to the adversity-we’ve been fighting adversity all week. Afterglow time was nice except for the not so ripe bananas and super soft apples from Costco-returned the apples and got 20 bucks back. Played two basketball games and got on the plane at 11 pm. Won the CCU fall league championship with coach Lee. Cramped up at the end. Red eye flight gave me a hamstring cramp. Sunny in New York. Driving up to rendezvous with coach Cat at West Point-she was the Play It Smart academic coach at Gal 4 years ago. Maybe I can get a shower on campus, don’t want to smell like the boys.

11am-on West Point Academy history tour. 10 in my bus followed by 4 school buses of middle school kids. Nice campus with a lot of US History. The buildings look like castles and the facilities are out of this world.

130pm-Met up with Coach Cat to tour the inside of the school (the new library’s overlook and the architecture was the hightlights), see what her academic program is like with the football players. Met a lot of the staff at West Point who are vital parts of the football program-behind the scenes support. Took a walk through the hall of fame-seeing their 3 Heisman Trophies were a gem. They don’t look like much on tv but in real life and 3 of them, I had to stop and admire the greatness that came with those trophies.

500pm-Ate dinner with a few fab frosh players for the Army A-Team. Great bunch of guys. They came out to support their Sprint Football Team vs Navy later on.

700pm-Sprint Team vs Navy game, 6-0 vs 6-0. A defensive battle won by Navy at the end, 7-6.

What I learned: academics first at all cost, develop a proper program structure on and off the field, have fun when possible, give group projects to players (ie make a video), the freshmen group will always need extra time to adjust to the program (the older players should model) and give the best when expecting the best.

Thx Coach Cat for hosting this visit. Go Army!