Christmas Party

The Christmas Party Thingy

Friday, December 21 in the football hall at 1PM.

What happened: pizzas, drinks, chips, Madden, LOL, and the dreaded White Elephant event.

  • Best Gift Giver: Scottie gives away his gift for free
  • Best Gift: The Nerf Gun
  • Most Generous Gifter: Mia (Spongebob pack with a Domo toy, a blanket, and a bag of chips inside)
  • White Elephant winner: Coach Mark (nerf dart gun that he thought was a water gun)
  • Worse Gift: “Twilight” Bookmark
  • 2nd Worse Gift: A box of Q-Tips & $1
  • Went Home a Winner: Jennifer who got Scottie’s Captain America without having to trade
  • Went Home a Loser: Alvin (“Tower of Two” game he can’t use)
  • Best Gamer: Gary who couldn’t stop yelling in every play

See the dance, click this link: hakobyan xmas dance.