GLF Spring Coaching Staff Evaluation

As spring football closes, all participants can help make the program better by filling out this evaluation. It takes less than 10 minutes but the impact will be lasting. Please make an effort to include additional comments at the end of the evaluation. All info will be anonymous when shared with the coaching staff. 

2012 Rosters

As of October 2012.

Varsity Roster 2012

  1. Acosta, Nestor (#54 5’8″ 205 Sr. G/DT)
  2. Armstrong, Isaac (#80 6’1″ 175 Jr. WR/DE)
  3. Asemelash, Abai (#24 5’9″ 140 Jr. WR/DB)
  4. Balarezo, Kris (#4 5’10” 165 Jr. TE/DE)
  5. Breazeale, Sebastian (#23 6’0″ 185 Sr. WR/FS)
  6. Fox, Ronzel (#3 5’9″ 175 Jr. RB/LB)
  7. Diep, John (#71 5’10” 165 Jr. G/DE)
  8. Garcia, Jose (#56 5’7″ 200 Sr. G/DT/K)
  9. Gato, Jose (#55 5’7″ 195 So. G/DT)
  10. Hakoban, Yanek (#14 5’7″ 135 Jr. WR/DB/K)
  11. Hilliard-Vasquez, Jamari (#8 5’8″ 155 So. RB/LB)
  12. Holland, Todd (#12 6’0″ 155 Jr. WR/DB)

Lions United Minutes (Feb-2012)

Points of Emphasis

  • Pay attention to the Points System
  • Check the calendar on the website periodically
  • Get into a spring sport
  • Our first OTA
  • 1st QTR grades ends
  • Still have quite a few players without contracts


  • Remember your football binder at all meetings except Lions United
  • Winter Camp on Wed & Thurs until March combine
  • Your job now? What should you be doing…


  • There are a few players ready to pass the 100 pt mark (Scottie, Conrad, Eddie)

Lions United Minutes (Jan-2012)

Points of Emphasis

  1. Get in the weightroom now!!!
  2. The Player Handbook
  3. Taking notes at meetings and having a binder


  1. Minimal points to play in 2012 is 200 (see handbook for points system)
  2. Turn in player contract asap
  3. Build a player binder with notes and handbook
  4. Need binder for all meetings
  5. Check our website for football events
  6. A.M Sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays (7:20-7:50)
  7. Turn in money for Spirit Pack ($20 for shirt and shorts)
  8. Fundraisers (Chinese New Year Parade and Liftathon-players are responsible for at least $100 raised)

2012 Season Info

The 2012 season is underway.

First Meeting for 2012 Season

December 6, 2012 @ 12:20 sharp in room 452.
This is a mandatory informational meeting for all players and managers.

Winter Camp

Starts on Monday November 28th for veterans (players who finished the 2011 season) only. Meet in the weight room after school. Work out days will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Senior Day 2011

Senior Day 2011 proudly presents 10 senior players and 4 G-Staff who are the first G-Staff to graduate from our program. Out of 10 players, 4 are 4-year players; Anthony Lam, Andrew Lei, Abe Li and Edward Luu. Although, they have been a big part of our program, Michal Brzozek, Michael Ene and Romero O’Neil (not pictured) are 3.5 year players due to big chunks of missed time within their senior season. Rounding out the senior squad are first year player, Randall Fung and third year player, Liam Ford who took the junior off after a fractured wrist in his sophomore year.

Faculty Appreciation

The “Faculty Appreciation Game” is a Galileo Football tradition that started in the 2010 season with the seniors of the 2011 class. Each senior is asked to write a letter of appreciation to a Galileo teacher or staff to tell them “thank you” for the way they have motivated and impacted the lives of not only football players but other students as well. Along with the letter, an invitation is given to each teacher to attend the first home game, wearing the player’s away jersey.

The Galileo Football Program strives to work hand-in-hand with the faculty to help players become better students.

2011 Players of the Week

fb-powA “Purple Heart” is awarded to the best effort of the week in multiple categories. It’s not about stats or highlights but about effort. Although PH’s for the game is vital to winning, the scout players of the week are held in higher regards by the coaching staff. This player gives a game-like effort everyday. Congratulations to all the recipients!

SI SCRIM V Ronzel Fox Andrew Lei Nestor Acosta Henri Kwok NA
SI SCRIM FS Todd Holland Charlie Kwok Jamari Hilliard Matt Fronda NA
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