2016 Game 9: BALBOA

Lions Come Up Short in First League Game at Home

Galileo V 13-00 13
Balboa V 06-14 20

In a game with playoff implications, Galileo was the one left out of the dance as Balboa took the lead for good after a 1-yard plunge with 25 seconds remaining in the game. With it’s back against the ropes the entire game, the Lions’ defense held fast with 2 forced fumbles, 1 at their 5 yardline prior to the Bucs’ winning drive, and a key tackle by cornerback, Donovan Hasson, to keep the Bucs’ a yard away from 6 points. Hasson also picked off a pass in the game.

2016 Game 7: LINCOLN

Galileo Offense Falters with Chance to Win

Galileo V 08-10 18
Lincoln V 14-21 21

Galileo failed to convert on it’s first two redzone possessions to leave the door open for the Mustangs to strike first. The Lions also failed to convert in it’s last redzone possession to allow Lincoln to escape with a 21-18 victory. The loss drops Galileo to 2-2 in league.

2016 Game 6: BURTON

RB Duo, Lewis & Smith Run Over Pumas as Defense Dominates

Galileo V 18-08 26
Burton V 00-14 14

The Dynamic Duo of running backs, Antonio Lewis and Yarvell Smith, continued to amaze as Galileo improved to 2-1 in league play. The junior, Lewis, known for his blazing track speed and not his power, showed both when he accidentally snatched the shotgun snap while in motion going to his left then cut to go north and somehow stay upright after he got sandwiched by two Burton defenders before sprinting 71 yards for a score. Frosh sensation, Smith added a 37-yard touchdown run to his resume. More impressively, Smith put the game away by opening the second half with a 79-yard kick-off return TD aided by Jet Li with a huge block.

2016 Game 5: LOWELL

Lions Run Past Cardinals Under Friday Night Lights

Galileo V 22-20 42
Lowell V 08-00 08

Galileo runs away from Lowell after slow start at Kezar Stadium…more to come.

Young Lions Sloppy in Win at Lowell

Galileo FS 20-00 20
Lowell FS 00-08 08

Defense backed up sloppy offensive play to help Galileo move to 2-0 in league…more to come.

2016 Game 4: WASHINGTON

Big Win Turns Out to Be Worse Game Ever as Lions Forfeit

Galileo V 43-06 49 (F)
Washington V 00-00 00

Galileo’s dominating victory at Washington quickly turned into a nightmare as two players were ejected (video below) early in the second quarter with the game already in hand. Free safety, Marvell Despanie was ejected for “throwing a punch” after an Eagle’s player had dragged him to the ground. Shortly after, defensive end, Yousef Saber reacted irrationally at the conclusion of a play when an Eagle’s lineman blocked him in the back. Saber spun around and approach the lineman and swung at him with an open hand right into the facemask. Fellow senior teammate, Connor Chavela attempted to bump Saber off his path but it was not enough as Saber’s hand met the intended target. After a few days of checking video supplied by Galileo head coach, Mark Huynh, the league commissioner, Don Collins sent notices that dished out the maximum 2-game punishment for “fighting”. With 6 games in league play, both players will miss close to half of the league season; a combined total of 2 games and nearly 3 quarters due to the early ejection. Furthermore, during the investigation period, Galileo was found to have mis-handled their eligibility paperwork-because everyone who played were not all on the submitted eligibility list prior to the season, Galileo will forfeit all wins. The only solace here is that this only puts the Lions at 0-1 instead of finding out at the end of the season and potentially becoming 0-6.

2016 Game 3: PINER

2 Late Lions’ Penalties Cost Game

Galileo V 08-06 14
Piner V 03-14 17

Two late defensive penalties on Galileo, allowed host, Piner to escape with a 17-14 victory. The Prospectors received a facemask penalty to keep their drive alive with under 2 minutes remaining in the game. Then on fourth down, a passing interference call in the endzone put the Propectors in the redzone. The valiant effort by the Lions turned bitter when on yet again another fourth down, Piner’s quarterback scrambled to the right for a 5-yard touchdown and the lead with 28 seconds on the clock. After the kick off, Galileo, starting on their 20, moved the ball past the 50 but ran out of time in the stunning loss. Galileo falls to 1-2 heading into league play and Piner is 1-2, winning their first game of the season.

2016 Game 2: HERCULES

Galileo Shut Out at Home

Galileo V 00-00 00
Hercules V 26-07 33

Galileo tackling miscues allowed Hercules to score two touchdowns and two huge coverage mistakes gave up another 12 points to put the Lions in a 26-0 halftime deficit. The lackluster opening half reviewed an inexperienced team that could not muster any energy to neutralize the Titans’ level of dominance nor was there any shifting of momentum. The lack of experience is not more evident than the waning seconds of the first half when Hercules struck with a 61-yard touchdown pass because Galileo’s defense allowed a receiver to get pass coverage that was just simply, not deep enough despite an obvious “prevent coverage” down.

2016 Game 1: SAN LORENZO

Lions Win Season-Opener After Squandering Big Lead

Galileo V 14-06 20
San Lorenzo V 03-14 17

Senior wide-out, Donovan Hasson made a few acrobatic catches along with his first TD reception of the season to pace Galileo in a game that almost got away. Up 14-0, Galileo allowed San Lorenzo a short field which resulted in a field goal in the waning seconds of the first half. In the second half, a botched snap over the head of senior punter, Nick Bustos, put San Lorenzo in the red zone. A few plays later, San Lorenzo scored on a touchdown reception. Galileo did manage another score but once again the Lions continued to show their generosity by throwing an ill-advised pass across the field that was picked off and returned to their 15. Three plays later, it was a brand new ball game when Galileo allowed another touchdown over the top of their pass coverage-the Rebels had pulled within 3 in a 20-17 game.

Spring Football 2016

GAME WRAPUP: Hasson’s 2 INT and TD Highlight Purple Win

PURPLE 00-06 06
ORANGE 00-00 00

GLF15_SPGBALLAlthough, the 2016 spring game started with an interception by the Orange, it was the last interception of the game by senior defensive back, Donovan Hasson that propelled the Purple to a goose egg-breaking touchdown. Hasson’s 30-yard post-INT return to the Purple’s 15 would eventually set up a 4th down heartstopping play that previewed junior quarterback, Adrian Poot’s scramble ability and clutch toss to senior running back, Kenneth Grady at the 5-yardline for a first down. The next play, Hasson’s number was called as he took a toss to the right then cut up through a slew of blockers for the game’s only score.

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