Lions Start Slow but Finish Strong at Burton

Galileo Flexes It’s Muscles in League Opener

Galileo Lions V 24 20 44
Burton Pumas V 08 00 08

At Burton High, the Galileo Lions found themselves hitting the snooze button, allowing the Pumas to score 8 in the first quarter. Then the alarm went off and the Pumas gave way, the “Rumble in the Jungle” turned into a blowout because when you mess with the beast, the beast awakens-the lions took a commanding 24-8 halftime lead and further their dominance in the second half, outscoring the Pumas 20-0. There were big offensive plays, big blocks and big hits to go around for Galileo but none stood out more than Yarvell Smith’s hitstick tackle on Burton’s own player named Smith (no relations). “He kept telling me he’s the better Smith, calling me his son so I had to let him know,” commented Galileo’s Smith. The Smith on Smith hit was felt in the stadium and left oohs and ahhs lingering while the recipient had to be helped to the sideline. Another big play came from Jimmie Edwards who blocked his man down the field for 10 yards and out of bounds during a lead play for Smith. 

Galileo’s dominance on defense yielded 2 interceptions by Ronald Fox who returned 1 for a score.