IDK but It’s Gonna be Fun

When people ask about the upcoming 2012 season, the first thing I do is shrug, then I say, “I don’t know.” But I actually do know. I add a little more with a calm voice, “We are young. Our immaturity got us last season.” But I actually think because we are young, we are dangerous. “We’ll see. Looks promising. Got a few horses. We could do well.” But I know we will do well. Win a championship? At this time, every team’s got a chance to win a championship. I always end this discussion with, “I do know that it will be a ‘fun’ season. I don’t know where we will be in November but it’s gonna be a fun ride.” And I can only smile when I finish that conversation because, through all the trials and tribulations and work last year, I had forgotten that football is suppose to be fun.

2012 Season Info

Welcome to the Mighty Lions 2012 football season! We are excited about the upcoming season and the many opportunities to grow as football players, football coaches, football staff, and as people.

As we look forward to meeting current and upcoming challenges, we remember that there is “Strength Through Unity”-that is our program’s motto. Many of us have gone through tough times and tragedies this off-season but we are reminded of the support that is here at Galileo Football because we are a family-past and present.

Europe Blog 3: Paris & Bordeaux France

Photo 1 is of the Eiffel Tower from the Bir Hakeim bridge in Paris. Photo 2 is the Pont de Pierre (stone bridge) in Bordeaux. 

I took french at Galileo and added 1 semester at SF State. It was enough to help me get by while in France. I mean, I can order food and say things like “merci” and “j’aime le pain au chocolate” and “j’aime le football americain”. So…stay awake in your foreign language class and you too will be able to order food and say things like; “my dog ate my homework” and “where is the closest bathroom” and of course, “put me in coach!”. I come home in a week then there’s 2 weeks before Summer Camp. Ahhhhhh Summer Camp!!! I’m ready to rock n’ roll. It’s football season and I hope you’re just as excited if not more than I am about the work that we are about to put in. Can’t wait for the incoming frosh to show up too. “Bonne vacances” and “A bientot”.

Europe Blog 2: San Sebastian

Part 2 of the trip in Europe takes me to San Sebastian, Spain. I took a 5-hour train ride from Barcelona to the other side of the country on the Atlantic coast. At this point, I want to say to my art students, Sal & Estuardo, that all the spanish lessons in class are not amounting to much. To make it worse, San Sebastian, also known as Donostia, speaks a slightly different spanish because of the Basque region. I’ve just gone from “no bueno” to “muy no bueno”.

Europe Blog 1: Barcelona

Columbus Monument, Barcelona Spain
[Boys, as promised, here’s the first post for my trip to Europe]

As always, Galileo Football is not far from thought. The photo I included with this post is of the lions statues at the base of Columbus’s Monument. If you didn’t already know, the lion is an icon of bravery and courage. I’m guessing that’s what it took for Columbus to sail into the unknown. And that’s also what it took Galileo Galilei to fight for his findings. Lastly, that is what we are, lions. We are bravery and courage. Or at least, that is what we are working towards this upcoming Summer Camp and 2012 Season.

Lions United Minutes (Feb-2012)

Points of Emphasis

  • Pay attention to the Points System
  • Check the calendar on the website periodically
  • Get into a spring sport
  • Our first OTA
  • 1st QTR grades ends
  • Still have quite a few players without contracts


  • Remember your football binder at all meetings except Lions United
  • Winter Camp on Wed & Thurs until March combine
  • Your job now? What should you be doing…


  • There are a few players ready to pass the 100 pt mark (Scottie, Conrad, Eddie)

Ronzel Fox voted Top Soph by SF Chronicle

Galileo’s sophomore linebacker/running back was voted by the SF Chronicle as the top sophomore player in the Bay Area (go to article). Fox led the team in yards and tackles this season.

2011 Stats (8.5 Games Played)

Total TD’s – 14
Total PT’s – 86
Total Tackles 108 (4 Games of 15 or more)
Total Rushing YDS – 903
Total Receiving YDS – 377


  • YDS Per Carry – 7.46
  • Rush Attempts – 121
  • Rush TD’s – 8
  • Total YDS – 903
  • Longest Run – 76 YDS
  • Receptions – 19
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