GLF Spring Coaching Staff Evaluation

As spring football closes, all participants can help make the program better by filling out this evaluation. It takes less than 10 minutes but the impact will be lasting. Please make an effort to include additional comments at the end of the evaluation. All info will be anonymous when shared with the coaching staff. 

2013 Winter Combine

The 2013 Winter Combine

Date: Friday-February 22, 2013
Time: 3:30 PM
Events: 40, Pro Agility, Vertical, Bench, Squat, Farmer’s Carry
Prospects Eligible for Combine:

  1. Paris Beccerra
  2. Zach Dang
  3. Jaspal Dhother
  4. John Diep
  5. Nick Foster
  6. Jeffrey Fung
  7. Jonathan Galo
  8. Yanek Hakobyan
  9. Johnson Huang
  10. Tony Huang
  11. Kiet Huynh
  12. Patricio “Izzy” Israel
  13. Jasper Kailey
  14. Jeffrey Lemus
  15. Alvin Li
  16. Mason Lundgren
  17. Justin Manalang
  18. Conrad Mo
  19. Diego Monroy
  20. Rodney Morgan
  21. Ethan Nelson
  22. Kyle Nelson
  23. Victor Ortiz
  24. Marvin Pereira
  25. Eric Phillipe


The Galileo Football Leadership application is out! Click here to download the GFL APPLICATION. To be a “captain” is to be a big brother in a family; he will know his family’s business and how to take care of his little brother. If you think you are ready for this responsibility, then you should apply. A “captain” will be selected for each position along with a “vote in” captain for each team. Only GFL captains will be selected as “game captains”.

Requirements to be in GFL

  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA with no U’s
  • Excellent school attendance (no excessive tardy or unexcused absences)

Winter Camp Session 2

All prospects not participating in a winter sport are expected to attend.
Win­ter Camp Ses­sion II
  • Wed & Thurs for 7 weeks (Jan­u­ary  9-February 21)
  • 3:30 PM
  • Meet on the field, weight room after
  • Win­ter Com­bine — Tentatively Sat­ur­day Feb­ru­ary 23 Friday Feb. 22, 2013

Christmas Party

The Christmas Party Thingy

Friday, December 21 in the football hall at 1PM.

What happened: pizzas, drinks, chips, Madden, LOL, and the dreaded White Elephant event.

  • Best Gift Giver: Scottie gives away his gift for free
  • Best Gift: The Nerf Gun
  • Most Generous Gifter: Mia (Spongebob pack with a Domo toy, a blanket, and a bag of chips inside)
  • White Elephant winner: Coach Mark (nerf dart gun that he thought was a water gun)
  • Worse Gift: “Twilight” Bookmark
  • 2nd Worse Gift: A box of Q-Tips & $1

2013 Season Info

First Official Day of the 2013 Season

  • Monday December 3

Lions United Schedule

  1. Tuesday December 4
  2. Tuesday January 8
  3. Tuesday February 5
  4. Tuesday March 5
  5. Tuesday April 2
  6. Tuesday May 7

Winter Camp Session I

  • Wed & Thurs for 4 weeks (November 26-December 20)
  • 230-330PM
  • Meet in the weightroom
  • Christmas Party – Friday December 21
Winter Camp Session II
  • Wed & Thurs for 7 weeks (January  9-February 21)
  • 225-4PM
  • Meet on the field
  • Winter Combine – Saturday February 23

The Spring Season

Coaches Challenge 2012

The Coaches Challenge for 2012 began with the FS receivers taking a huge lead through 3 events; they took first place in the Sled Setup Challenge and the Ball & Bucket Catch along with a third place finish in the Wrist Taping Challenge. After 3, the standing was;

  1. FS receivers – 13
  2. Coaches – 11
  3. V OL – 10
  4. V receivers & V backs – 8
  5. FS OL & FS backs – 6

Appreciation Week 2012

The big “bye week” is officially the Galileo Football Program’s “Appreciation Week”. Each class will be appreciated with various activities. Top acts will receive a prize.

2012 Lineup

Monday is Fantastic Freshmen Day

  • All frosh can pick a varsity player of choice to run over enroute to a touchdown!

Tuesday is Sophomore Sensations Day

  • All sophs can pick a varsity player of choice to tackle at the goal line to deny a touchdown!

Wednesday is Junior Jubilation Day

  • All juniors can randomly call out any frosh soph player to fetch water on this “Water Fetch” day!

GFL 2012

The Galileo Football Leadership 2012 group consists of 1 player per position per team and another player voted by the team and coaches. The GFL is not just captains or for personal glory but a governing body to keep the football program including players, G-Staff and the coaching staff accountable. This group will meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month while in season and once a month out of season. Our motto will be “Lead, Build, Serve“.

GFL 2012

Offensive Lineman

  • Johnson Huang
  • Victor Ortiz


  • Kyle Nelson
  • Phillip Tran


“When Did Double Sessions Turn into Single Sessions?”

In the spring of my junior year at Galileo back when dinosaurs roam the streets of San Francisco, a friend of mine helped me get my first job, scooping ice cream on Union Street. There are many fond and stressful memories but two good ones always come to mind; my co-workers introducing me to this thing called “Modern Rock” and the many nights of bringing ice cream home to share with my brother as we sat in front of our computer, playing an RPG called “Pool of Radiance” on our desktop that had a VGA monitor. In computer-challenged language it simply means; Role Playing Game called “Pool of Radiance” on our computer at home connected to a monitor that only had 16 colors. Characters had square heads, weapons that looked like they are made with Legos, and when

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