Appreciation Week 2013

Bye Week is Appreciation Week and Appreciation Week means Coaches Challenge which means this is a run-on sentence…but some tears will be shed, because when there is a winner, there will be losers. The Challenge pits offensive position players against other position players; the Speedy Nation, the Sticky Hand Clan, and the Thundering Herd.

The day started out like any other day with the sun out, with no clouds in sight, the flag on top of the Ghirardelli Square whipping towards the east, and the lazy backs barely stretching as the linemen look like a well-rehearsed play on Broadway. The receivers? Who knows what they are up to because they are like the middle child, all silly-nilly but no one notices until they catch a touchdown or drop a perfect pass. After the semi-lackluster (that’s worse than lackluster) effort in warm up dynamics, the coaches sprung the Coaches Challenge on the team. This way, no one can have a pre-challenge warm up or strategy-it’s a prize fight for the championship belt without the weigh-in ceremony.

The Challenge opened up with the toughest of challenges, the 25-Yard Toss & Bucket Catch…advantage, the Speedy Nation…until this happened: 

Center, Scottie Prom lofted a beauty to guard, Johnson Huang who gracefully let the ball sail into the yellow bucket like putting a baby to sleep. Eerily quiet, the crowd was stunned. Then the linemen let out a woot and holler like none other. That thunder from the Thundering Herd set the tone for the day as the Herd caught 2 out of 3 balls to upset the Nation and the Hands 2-1.

Next up, the dreaded Sled Set-Up & Tear Down. Now things started to get serious although the elder Nelson and Fox were frolicking in the background resulting in 10 pushups. The Sticky Hands redeemed themselves in the first heat as Nate Riley and Terrell Jeffery had the day’s best fail (see photo) and the Herd were disqualified because Zach Dang was thundering a solo when the event required 4 hands to bring home the sled to finish. All trash talk and horseplay aside, the Herd would rally to win the next 2 heats as the Sticky Hands got too sticky to finish third. The  Speedy Nation wound up second best thrice. The tally after 2 events stung a bit as the linemen all but assured themselves of a victory, leading 2 events to none.

Finally, the 10-Yard Dummy Roll. There were a little bit of cheating, some cheering, a few bumps and finally, a victorious celebration by the Thundering Herd as they completed the hat trick in dramatic fashion-winning by a nose as they say. A common observer would swear that the linemen looked like they have been practicing for this challenge for months or is the secret in the way they do their dynamics-with precision, effort, and a true professionalism unmatched by the receivers and running backs?

The Prizes & Awards

  1. Best Water Boy: Phillip Tran
  2. Best Senior Tyrant: Kyle Nelson
  3. Most Hyped Player: Scottie Prom
  4. Best Fail: Nate Riley & Terrell Jeffery (sled)
  5. Best Event: Scottie Prom & Johnson Huang (buckets)
  6. Top Buckets: Scottie Prom & Johnson Huang
  7. Top Sled: Alvin Li & Eddy Yu
  8. Top Roller: Terrell Jeffery
  9. Best Quote: “The sled is on backwards!” – Isaac Armstrong
  10. Best Quote 2: “Let’s do the 40 yard dash!” – anonymous loser
  11. Best No-Show: the Coaches (did not compete at all)