Appreciation Week 2012

The big “bye week” is officially the Galileo Football Program’s “Appreciation Week”. Each class will be appreciated with various activities. Top acts will receive a prize.

2012 Lineup

Monday is Fantastic Freshmen Day

  • All frosh can pick a varsity player of choice to run over enroute to a touchdown!

Tuesday is Sophomore Sensations Day

  • All sophs can pick a varsity player of choice to tackle at the goal line to deny a touchdown!

Wednesday is Junior Jubilation Day

  • All juniors can randomly call out any frosh soph player to fetch water on this “Water Fetch” day!

Friday is Super Seniors Day

  • All seniors would choose a frosh soph player on Thursday to serve him on Friday from class to class! We love our seniors on this “Senior Service” Friday.

Purple Friday – all players and personnel within the Galileo Football Program are to wear purple! Find the coach and get a prize!

The Prizes & Awards

  1. Best Trucking Skills: Kevin Contreras
  2. Best Truckee: Scottie Prom
  3. Best Goal Line Stand: Alvin Li
  4. Best Goal Line Carry That Was Bad: John Diep
  5. Best Enjoyment of a Water Break: Scottie Prom
  6. Best Water Boy Impersonation: Ethan Nelson
  7. Best Senior Tyrant: Angelo Rubi
  8. Best Jarvis (Butler): Victor Ortiz
  9. Most Hyped FS Player: Rodney Morgan
  10. Most Hyped Varsity Player: Angelo Rubi