• Coach­ing Staff 2017 In his 5th sea­son at Galileo, Mar­cus Black­sher Jr. has been pro­moted to asso­ciate head coach of the var­sity team. His main role will be coör­di­nat­ing the var­sity offense and work­ing with player’s aca­d­e­mic progress. Stephen Car­ton ben­e­fited from the change,…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2016 Coach Mark Huynh will be lead­ing the pro­gram into his 8th var­sity sea­son. Coach Black­sher will be tasked with coör­di­nat­ing the offense and Coach Car­ton, the defense. Return­ing to help with the line is Anthony Lam. 2016 COACHING STAFF MARK HUYNH - V…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2015 The 2015 sea­son staff retains FS-HC Mar­cus Black­sher Jr, line coach, Con­rad Mo and coach Mark Huynh lead­ing the pro­gram in his 7th var­sity sea­son. 2015 COACHING STAFF MARK HUYNH - Var­sity Head Coach (Galileo ’90) MARCUS BLACKSHER Jr. - Frosh Sop…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2014 The 2014 sea­son fea­tures a new FS head coach (Black­sher Jr.) and coach Mark Huynh’s 6th sea­son at the helm of this pro­gram. 2014 COACHING STAFF MARK HUYNH - Var­sity Head Coach (Gal ’90), Coör­di­na­tor, QB/RB & LB MARCUS BLACKSHER Jr. - Frosh So…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2013 The 2013 sea­son will point the pro­gram back to a more tra­di­tional style of coach­ing with 2 sep­a­rate coach­ing staffs. While the 2012 staff returns for another sea­son (with 1 change — Dono­van Phillips in place of Jackie Phung), coaches Espy and Hardee are f…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2012 The 2012 coach­ing staff is a sym­bol of the Galileo tra­di­tion with 5 alumni. They also rep­re­sent some­thing unique as coach George White’s fam­ily tree reaches another gen­er­a­tion; all 4 assis­tant coaches played under coach Huynh who played under coach White …
  • Coach­ing Staff 2011 The 2011 coach­ing staff did not retain Dominic Mul­lens and Char­lie Kaine from 2010 due to a con­flict in job sched­ul­ing. Coach Ben Moore returns in a 75% capac­ity after a time-challenging 2010 sea­son. Coach Steve San­toro, who played at Yale, brings an east…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2010 Retain­ing 3 coaches from last sea­son, the 2010 staff’s addi­tion of Char­lie Kaine and Dono­van Phillips was enough to sus­tain the program’s com­pet­i­tive edge as the frosh/soph team came 1 touch­down shy of a cham­pi­onship and the var­sity team, as well, was 1 t…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2009 The 2009 staff, a truly multi-culturally well-rounded bunch, blessed with 40 hard-working play­ers, helped Galileo reclaim it’s rep­u­ta­tion as a foot­ball pow­er­house in San Fran­cisco by win­ning it’s 16th city cham­pi­onship, the most in city his­tory. Most nota…
  • Coach­ing Staff 2008 Head coach, Kevin Adams, fin­ishes his career here in his 15th sea­son as head coach and another 10-plus as an assis­tant under George White through the 80’s. Assis­tants and fel­low Galileo teach­ers, Don Har­ris and Mark Huynh assume a big­ger role in the progr…
  • Coach­ing Staff His­tory The con­tri­bu­tions of every Galileo coach have attrib­uted to the program’s suc­cess. The work put in can not be mea­sured by cham­pi­onships alone as each effort is a brick that has laid a foun­da­tion for what the pro­gram is today; 16 city cham­pi­onships as of 2…


The con­tri­bu­tions of every Galileo coach have attrib­uted to the program’s suc­cess. The work put in can not be mea­sured by cham­pi­onships alone as each effort is a brick that has laid a foun­da­tion for what the pro­gram is today; 16 city cham­pi­onships as of 2009 and stay­ing com­pet­i­tive year after year.

Galileo Head Coach History

Mark Huynh (2009-recent, c/o ’90)

Kevin Adams (1993–2008)

George White (1973–1992) *

Larry McIn­er­ney (1969–1972)

George Pop­pin (1962–1968)

John “Pope” Illia (1945–1961)

Seb Pas­sanissi (?-1944)

Ras John­son (1930–1940-?) **

Ralph Chase (1929)

Howard Ross (1928)

James Brad­shaw (1927)

James E. Spauld­ing (1926)

McK­night (1923–1925)

Fred Swan (1922)

? Bain (1921)

*Most league cham­pi­onships (9)
** First cham­pi­onship 1933

Coach Bain intro­duced foot­ball to Galileo in 1921 with a first game that resulted in a respectable 14–3 los­ing effort. The Lions played their first sea­son with 11 and won much respect in a 26–0 loss to Cogswell in which they fin­ished with 9 play­ers. Bain joined the UCLA staff after 1 season.

A grad­u­ate of Berke­ley High, Coach Fred Swan took over in 1922 to help Galileo win their first game, 27–2 non-league match against Bates. Then a 47–6 shocker in lower league-play against Sacred Heart. Swan left after 1 sea­son to become cap­tain of Stanford’s var­sity squad before join­ing “Pop” Warner at Tem­ple University.

After Coach McKnight’s 3-year stint, Coach James E. Spauld­ing took Galileo to the top as the Lions fin­ished in a 3-way tie for first place but was defeated by Lick in the play­off, 7–0. Spauld­ing started a 3-year string of 1-year coaches; James Brad­shaw fol­lowed Spauld­ing with Ralph Chase clos­ing the 3-year carousel.

Ras John­son took over in 1930 and put together a small dynasty with results of third, sec­ond and finally back-to-back city cham­pi­onships in 1933 and 1934, Galileo’s first and sec­ond titles. Johnson’s PE teacher posi­tion is the cul­prit for his long tenure, a much needed foun­da­tion for Galileo’s 13-year program.

By adding another cham­pi­onship in 1938, John­son paved the way for “pro­gram coaches” who bucked the early trend of 1-and-done. After Johnson’s 3 crowns, Galileo fell into a 37-year drought before Coach George White came over from Bal­boa to begin an incred­i­ble 20-year run of dom­i­nance. White helped Galileo break the 37-year streak with a city cham­pi­onship in 1974 before reel­ing off for 8 more to total 9 cham­pi­onships in a 20-year career at Galileo. White’s pro­gram reach a pin­na­cle in a 3-peat that span 1988–1990 with an impres­sive 34–1-1 over­all record.

Long time assis­tant to White, Kevin Adams (Ser­ra­monte High) took over in 1993 to add 3 more cham­pi­onships with a notable 12–0 sea­son in 2001. Those 3 titles were assisted by defen­sive coach, Hudari Mur­ray (’90), a 3-time all-city line­backer at Galileo. Adams held the head coach posi­tion for 16 years before Mark Huynh (’90) who played under White and Adams took over in 2009. Huynh, a team­mate of Mur­ray, along with offen­sive coördinator/PE teacher, Don Har­ris, helped Galileo win their 16th city cham­pi­onship in 2009 to snap a city record of 15 also held by Polytechnic.

(The records here are not complete.)