Forms for prospects & coaches can be found on the dis­trict web­site. Please fol­low the instruc­tions and links below to guide you through the process.


Each stu­dent ath­lete must have a cur­rent phys­i­cal to par­tic­i­pate in any sport. The phys­i­cal must be com­plete and filed with the school and coach(es). A phys­i­cal is only good for a 1-year period, how­ever, play­ers are encour­aged to get a phys­i­cal for each school year. On the phys­i­cal, each poten­tial sport must be listed in order to be cleared to par­tic­i­pate in those sports.

The fol­low­ing forms must be down­loaded and com­pletely filled out (click here to down­load and print all forms).

  1. Stu­dent Ath­lete Pre-participation Phys­i­cal Form
  2. Parental Con­sent to Play Ath­let­ics Form
  3. Anti-Steroid Agree­ment Form
  4. Con­cus­sion Infor­ma­tion Sheet
  5. UCSF Pre-participation Phys­i­cal Con­sent Form


Galileo’s foot­ball pro­gram is always look­ing for coaches but be warned that the paper trail could be long and con­fus­ing. We hope that you will be patient in this process and not give up.

Each vol­un­teer in the dis­trict must sub­mit all forms prior to mak­ing con­tact on school grounds with stu­dent ath­letes. Fin­ished forms go to the tar­geted vol­un­teer school, the AD and prin­ci­pal signs them, then the forms go to the dis­trict ath­letic office (CIFSF also known as AAA) to be approved. Once approved the dis­trict will notify the school and the school will notify the volunteer.

There are 2 other things that need to be done along with fill­ing out the many forms; a TB test result must be sub­mit­ted with the forms and fin­ger­prints must be filed with the SFUSD. Please con­tact the SFUSD for a fin­ger­print­ing appoint­ment. Print­ing from an out­side source will not be accepted. There is a fee for finger-printing.

Click here to down­load all forms or use the links below for indi­vid­ual PDF’s.

  1. Pro­ce­dures for Hir­ing a Coach
  2. ASEP/NFHS Waiver (High School Only and can only be used for 1 sea­son of any sport)
  3. Back­ground Check (Ath­letic Office copy)
  4. Back­ground Check (Dis­trict HR copy)
  5. Prin­ci­pal New Hire Approval Letter
  6. Coach Appli­ca­tion
  7. Required to Report Child Abuse Form
  8. Coaches Code of Ethics Form
  9. Employ­ment Eli­gi­bil­ity Ver­i­fi­ca­tion (I-9) Form (for paid posi­tions only)


Each year there are a hand­ful of trans­fer stu­dents and stu­dents from alter­na­tive schools who wish to par­tic­i­pate in ath­let­ics at Galileo. Here are some answers to fre­quently asked questions.

  1. All stu­dent ath­letes need a min­i­mal 2.0 GPA + 20 units to par­tic­i­pate in any sport.
  2. What is an Ath­letic WAIVER?
    • Ath­letic Waivers are for stu­dent ath­letes who do not have a 2.0 dur­ing the sea­son but have a 1.5 or better
    • It can only be used ONCE in their high school career
    • The most recent report card must have NO U’S and less than 3 absences
    • The prin­ci­pal and ath­letic direc­tor must sign and approve it
  3. All stu­dent ath­letes need a cur­rent phys­i­cal to prac­tice and play in any sport.
  4. Who is eli­gi­ble to play?
    • All Galileo stu­dents with a 2.0 or better
  5. What do I do if I don’t go to Galileo?
    • If your cur­rent school has at least 1 sport, you can not play at Galileo for any sport
    • If your cur­rent school has no sports, call the league office (AAA or and ask which school you are eli­gi­ble to play at, then con­tact the school after approval
  6. What do I do if I used to go to Galileo but now I’m at an alter­na­tive school?
    • If your alter­na­tive school does not have a sport then you are eli­gi­ble to play for Galileo
    • Paper­work will need to be filed with the ath­letic direc­tor to par­tic­i­pate in games
  7. I go to a school that doesn’t have a foot­ball team, can I play for Galileo?
    • If your school has at least 1 sport, you can not play sports at any other school
    • If your school has no sports and is a SFUSD school, con­tact the league office (AAA or to see which school you are eli­gi­ble to play at
  8. I go to a pri­vate school, can I play for Galileo?
    • Pri­vate school stu­dents CAN NOT par­tic­i­pate in any pub­lic school sports
  9. I’m an incom­ing fresh­man, do I need a 2.0 GPA from mid­dle school?
    • Yes, yes you do
  10. I am eli­gi­ble to play for Galileo but I was expelled from my school last year, can I play this year?
    • Stu­dents who are expelled must sit out 1 cal­en­dar year
      • Can not play until the day after the expul­sion date a year later
    • You can prac­tice but you can not play in games
  11. I just trans­ferred to Galileo from another school this year, can I play sports?
    • First of all, this is a very con­fus­ing issue so be patient
    • Trans­fers who played the same sport in their pre­vi­ous school must abide with the Sit Out Period sched­ule. They can par­tic­i­pate in games on these dates: Fall Sports= Oct 1, Win­ter Sports = Dec 31, Spring Sports = April 1
    • If the player is play­ing at the Frosh Soph or JV level then the Sit Out Period is waived if they are first time trans­fers after their fresh­man year but if they attend even 1 day at their pre­vi­ous school after their fresh­man year then the SOP rule applies. Con­fused? Basi­cally, they are giv­ing all fresh­men a “free” trans­fer so they can play sports with­out penalties.
    • Stu­dents who apply for the FS or JV level can­not “revoke” it and move up to var­sity. They must stay at the level they applied for.
    • Click here for more infor­ma­tion from the CIFSF website
    • Trans­fer stu­dents can con­tact the AD to start paper work (a trans­fer appli­ca­tion, a Form 510, and a Sec­tion Eli­gi­bil­ity Check­list)
  12. Can I play 2 sports at Galileo in the same season?
    • YES you can if your coaches agree to it
  13. If I have fur­ther ques­tions about eli­gi­bil­ity or have issues about sports or con­cerns about my team­mates, coaches, and fans or need a sec­ond opin­ion for any­thing else, who can I talk to?
    • There’s 3 peo­ple you can go to; your coach, the ath­letic direc­tor, and the principal


Many play­ers, par­ents, and coaches have mixed ideas about sum­mer school. For many stu­dents, it’s a chance to retake a class and get a bet­ter grade on their record. For oth­ers, it’s a chance to replace a spring semes­ter grade to boost their GPA for sports in the fall. And rarely but it does hap­pen, some even get ahead by get­ting some courses out of the way. Here’s how sum­mer school grades impact stu­dent athletes.

  1. Who should go to sum­mer school?
    • Every­one who has free time or wants to fur­ther their education
  2. What is my pur­pose of going to sum­mer school?
    • You must com­mit to be a bet­ter stu­dent aca­d­e­m­i­cally or you are wast­ing your time
    • You must com­mit to the dura­tion of sum­mer school and not quit half way
  3. What classes should I take at sum­mer school?
    • You can take a class you haven’t taken before to get ahead in credits
    • You can also take a class you have already taken and try to get a bet­ter grade
  4. How does replace­ment classes help my GPA?
    • For stu­dent ath­letes, they can take the same classes they had last semes­ter to get a bet­ter grade
    • The bet­ter grade from sum­mer school will replace the pre­vi­ous grade to give them a bet­ter GPA
    • Obvi­ously, if it’s the same grade, your GPA will not change
    • If the grade is worse, it won’t change either-they count the best grade but you would have wasted your sum­mer and tax dollars
  5. How does tak­ing new classes help my GPA?
    • If a sum­mer class is not the same class as the pre­cious semes­ter then it is con­sid­ered an “extra” class. Even if the class replaces a grade from 2 semes­ters ago or 2 years ago, it is an added grade.
    • If the grade is an A or B then it will boost your GPA. If it is a C then it’s like a “tie”, doesn’t help and doesn’t harm. If it’s a D or an F then your GPA drops
    • Exam­ple: you get 6 B’s from your last report card (the spring semes­ter) for a 3.0 GPA.
      • You take 2 sum­mer school classes to replace 2 F’s you had 3 semes­ters ago.
      • You end up with 2 A’s from those 2 classes.
      • The 2 A’s get added to your 6 B’s (Apply the for­mula here: 4 points for an A, 3 points for a B so you have 6 B’s = 18 pts and 2 A’s = 8 pts)
      • Add that up (18+8) and you have a total of 26 points. To get your GPA, you need to divide your 26 points by 8 because you have 8 grades now instead of 6 (6 B’s and 2 A’s). Your GPA will be…yep, 3.25, which is much bet­ter than a 3.0 of course.
    • Exam­ple 2: same 6 B’s and 3.0 GPA
      • You take 2 sum­mer school classes with the same name as 2 of the classes from last semester
      • You end up with 2 A’s
      • Now you have 4 B’s and 2 A’s because the sum­mer school grades replaced the pre­vi­ous grades
      • The new GPA would be…(4 B’s = 12 pts + 2 A’s = 8 pts) = 20 pts divided by 6 grades = 3.33
      • If you are try­ing to get a 2.0 GPA so you can play sports, try to take the same classes you had last semes­ter so you can replace the bad grades (usu­ally a D or an F from the last report card)
      • You can do it if you try and stay focused
      • And hope­fully, you’ve learned your les­son; work hard dur­ing the school year and you get to play around dur­ing the sum­mer instead of studying

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