GALILEO-DECAL-2016-cartoonsmGalileo’s 2017 Spring Ball sea­son is cur­rently in ses­sion. With major offen­sive weapons return­ing from a high scor­ing 2016 sea­son, the Lions are ready to light up the score­board at the spring game. Return­ing QB, Adrian Poot will be a force with his abil­ity to spread the ball around. The 2016 AAA Run­ning Back of the Year, Yarvell Smith will look to show the world what he can do as a sopho­more next sea­son but until then he is going to be a huge prob­lem for Galileo’s defense in the spring game. Smith, a more than capa­ble line­backer, will also get on the other side of the ball more this upcom­ing sea­son. Other key offen­sive weapons to look­out for are sure-handed wide­outs Jackie Guo and Erasmo Rivas. The biggest unknown for Galileo will be how it’s offen­sive line will respond from los­ing three seniors: it’s line is hing­ing on three rookie big boys; Thomas San­tos, Eric Lar­rey­naga, and Max Miles. Defen­sively, with the depar­ture of all-city play­ers; Con­nor Chavela (MLB), Demaje Ardis (OLB), and Miles Main­ini (DE), the Lions will fea­ture upcom­ing juniors, Ronald Fox (FS), Anto­nio McBride (MLB), and Johan Lacayo (DE/LB).


  • Week 1 & 2: all cur­rently eli­gi­ble play­ers can attend
  • Week 3: all inel­i­gi­ble play­ers can begin prac­tice after sub­mit­ting a GLF progress report. This is also the last week new play­ers can join the spring season.
  • Week 4: ros­ters will be announced at the end of the week
  • Week 5: a pur­ple vs orange scrim­mage will be held Friday
  • Week 6: “Pur­ple vs Orange” Spring Game (non-padded)
  • Pur­ple vs Orange” Galileo’s Spring Game is set for Tues­day, May 23rd @ 2pm. For the first time, there will be pur­ple and orange uni’s instead of pur­ple and white.
  • Ros­ters will be announced at the end of week 4


  1. Will Galileo’s defense be a run-stopper?
  2. Can the offense get to another level and aver­age 30+ points per game?
  3. What will the play­ers com­mit­ment level be like for their academics?
  4. Will every­one be eli­gi­ble at the end of sum­mer school?
  5. Will the var­sity locker room ever get a face-lift?
  6. How many guys will bench over 200 lbs by August? Because all the coaches can do that already.
  7. How many BBQ’s will they have this 2017 sea­son? They already had 2.
  8. Will Coach Mark get a hair cut some­time soon?
  9. Where does Coach Car­ton get all these weird work­out routines?
  10. Is Coach Black really flu­ent in Spanish?