2016 Game 6: BURTON

RB Duo, Lewis & Smith Run Over Pumas as Defense Dominates

Galileo V 18–08 26
Bur­ton V 00–14 14

img_6826-copy The Dynamic Duo of run­ning backs, Anto­nio Lewis and Yarvell Smith, con­tin­ued to amaze as Galileo improved to 2–1 in league play. The junior, Lewis, known for his blaz­ing track speed and not his power, showed both when he acci­den­tally snatched the shot­gun snap while in motion going to his left then cut to go north and some­how stay upright after he got sand­wiched by two Bur­ton defend­ers before sprint­ing 71 yards for a score. Frosh sen­sa­tion, Smith added a 37-yard touch­down run to his resume. More impres­sively, Smith put the game away by open­ing the sec­ond half with a 79-yard kick-off return TD aided by Jet Li with a huge block.

The game started with the Lions tak­ing a 2–0 lead when the Pumas botched a punt snap that sailed over the punter and out of the end­zone. From there, Galileo ran off three straight unan­swered scores before a face­mask call on a 4th down play put Bur­ton in the red­zone with a fresh set of downs. The Pumas would put up 8 points there and also recover the onside kick. A long pass by the Pumas set up another score but the 2-pt con­ver­sion failed to keep the score at 26–14. After forc­ing Galileo to punt, the Pumas went to the air but a tipped pass by Galileo line­backer, Demaje Ardis ended up in the hands of Lewis to seal the deal.

Galileo’s defense, behind mid­dle line­backer, Con­nor Chavela was stout all day, giv­ing the Lions good field posi­tion and forc­ing that safety.

The Lions good win was marred by another ejection-this time, right offen­sive tackle, Johan Lacayo was whis­tled for a “open hand swing to an oppo­nent” (video below). He was quickly ejected in the sec­ond quar­ter and the league handed down a 1-game sus­pen­sion for Lacayo to be served in the next con­test against Lin­coln. Lacayo becomes the third ejec­tion and sus­pen­sion for Galileo (Mar­vell Despanie and Yousef Saber were ejected at the Wash­ing­ton game and con­se­quently sus­pended for 2 games).

Young Lions Dom­i­nated by Pumas in Loss

Galileo FS 00–00 00
Bur­ton FS 36–08 44

The Young Lions received a rude awak­en­ing as the more-physical Pumas kept send­ing run­ners up the gut to score 44 points and defen­sively, pitched a shut out. Galileo falls to 2–1 in league play and would have to win out to stay in the hunt for a championship.

#55 Johan Lacayo ejec­tion (right offen­sive tackle)-at the end of the play he’s at the right side of the screen with the ref in the mid­dle throw­ing the flag.