2015 GLF Awards

The Galileo Lions Foot­ball Pro­gram have awards for 3 dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories; sum­mer awards, weekly awards dur­ing the sea­son, and the end of the fall sea­son awards. Var­sity play­ers are awarded hel­met stick­ers after each game. All awards are not for per­sonal glory but to rec­og­nize a player’s ded­i­ca­tion and hard-work.


The Most Inspi­ra­tional Player — Miles Main­ini (V) & Adrian Poot (FS)
George White Award (coach’s award) — Nolan Pre­ci­ado (V) & Don­ald McFar­land (FS)
Sam Peo­ples Award (lead­er­ship award) — Miles Main­ini (V) & Adrian Poot (FS)
Best Defen­sive Player — Ken­neth Grady (V) & Dasan King (FS)
Best Offen­sive Player — Dono­van Has­son (V) & Jackie Guo/Tyreke Watts (FS)
Spe­cial­ist of the Year — Andy Ix (V) & Anto­nio McBride (FS)
Best Line­men (HOG) — Bran­don Wong (V) & Don­ald McFar­land (FS)
Most Improved — Ken­neth Grady (V) & Emil­iano Guer­rero (FS)
Scout Player of the Year — Bran­don Wong (V) & Maturo Per­o­feta (FS)
Rookie of the Year — Ronald Fox (Fr)
Angelo Rubi Award (fresh­man of the year award) — Mikah Cole­man
Iron­man Award — Angel Sal­ado (V) &  Jere­miah Horne (FS)
Come­back Player of the Year — Jason Yu (V)
GPA Award — Koan Ng (V) & Lucca Reich­born (FS)
G-Web Award (best con­trib­u­tor to our web­site) — No One…again.


Hudari Mur­ray Award (best weight­room warrior)

  • Con­nor Chavela (V)
  • Cesar Gar­cia (FS)

Best Com­bine Athlete

  • -

Best Sum­mer Camper

  • Bran­don Wong/Jason Yu (V)
  • Cesar Garcia/Adrian Poot (FS)

The Scot­tie Prom Mr. Lion Award

  • Bran­don Wong (Sr)

The Coach George White Award is given to the player who was not only coach­able but worked really well with the coach­ing staff. Coach George White is the most highly dec­o­rated coach in Galileo his­tory with 9 city cham­pi­onships.
**The Sam Peo­ples Award is given to the player who exem­pli­fied the true mean­ing of lead­er­ship. This player leads by actions and not words. He is an exam­ple of integrity and account­abil­ity. A nat­ural leader, Sam Peo­ples quar­ter­backed the first unde­feated Galileo team in the 1988–89 sea­son.
***The Hudari Mur­ray Award is given to the player who “lives in the weight­room”. This player is not only ded­i­cated and dis­ci­plined in his work­outs but also shows the best gain in over­all lifts and muscle-mass. Hudari Mur­ray is a 3-time all city player line­backer who played in all 3 teams dur­ing the 1988–90 3-peat. As an assis­tant coach in the late 90’s to early 2k’s, Murray’s ded­i­ca­tion in get­ting play­ers to the weight­room dur­ing the spring and sum­mer were key com­po­nents to the ’96, ’98, and ’01.
****The Angelo Rubi Award is given to the top fresh­man of the sea­son. It is not about stats and level of play on the field but the com­mit­ment and hard work put in dur­ing the sum­mer and the sea­son. Angelo Rubi (2013) was the first incom­ing frosh player to show up for sum­mer prac­tices in coach Mark Huynh’s era.
****The Scot­tie Prom Mr. Lion Award is given to the player who earns the most points dur­ing the off-season. Each player is required to earn 200 points to par­tic­i­pate in the Fall sea­son. The Points Sys­tem keeps play­ers account­able in con­tri­bu­tion towards their pro­gram. The con­cept is that there are “no free lunch” and that each player must “earn their place at the table”.