2013 Points Account

This is the final tally of the 2013 Lions Points Sys­tem. If there are dis­putes for miss­ing points, please take it up with Coach Mark. Usu­ally, writ­ten notices & pho­tos are much bet­ter for argu­ment than just your words. Play­ers must have a min­i­mum of 200 points to play in a game-find work and earn what you need or you will find your­self miss­ing a few games.

IMG_3867Con­grat­u­la­tions to Scot­tie Prom (hold­ing up the sign in the photo)-with 384 points, he is 2o13’s “Mr. Lion”. That usu­ally means some kind of award-check with Coach Mark when he’s in a good mood.