The 2011 sea­son pro­duced 3 all-city players.

  1. Ronzel Fox #10 (10th, RB/LB)
    • In 9 games, Fox rushed for 903 yards in 121 attempts with an aver­age of 7.46 yards and caught the ball 19 times for 377 yards. He also added 14 attempts on spe­cial teams for 283 yards. In a sea­son with no fum­bles or fum­bles lost, Fox totaled 8 rush­ing scores, 3 receiv­ing and 3 on spe­cial teams. On the defen­sive side of the ball, he tal­lied 108 tack­les, scored on an inter­cep­tion and stripped and recov­ered a fumble.
  2. Andrew Lei #52 (12th, G/DT)
    • Lei made 67 tack­les with 4 for a loss. He also recorded 2 sacks, 1 fum­ble recov­ery and 3 fum­bles caused. Lei was the most out­stand­ing line­men for the Lions this season.
  3. Edward Luu #54 (12th, LB/C)
    • Luu racked up 80 tack­les and anchored the offen­sive line at the cen­ter posi­tion. Luu and team­mate, Anthony Lam played key rolls as cap­tains. Luu, Lam and Lei are 4-year par­tic­i­pants in the Galileo program.