Coaching Staff 2011

The 2011 coach­ing staff did not retain Dominic Mul­lens and Char­lie Kaine from 2010 due to a con­flict in job sched­ul­ing. Coach Ben Moore returns in a 75% capac­ity after a time-challenging 2010 sea­son. Coach Steve San­toro, who played at Yale, brings an east coast expe­ri­ence. Coach Saepate Vasa who grew up in chi­na­town and  attended Galileo his fresh­man year, is in a semi-homecoming although he grad­u­ated from Rodriguez High in Fair­field. In addi­tion, coaches Israel Jones round out a 6-man staff.


MARK HUYNH — Direc­tor of Foot­ball Oper­a­tions
Spe­cial Teams Coör­di­na­tor
DON HARRIS — Asso­ciate Head coach
Offen­sive Coör­di­na­tor / Sched­ul­ing / Win­ter & Sum­mer Camp Coör­di­na­tor
ISRAEL JONES — Assis­tant Coach
Defen­sive Coör­di­na­tor
BEN MOORE — Assis­tant Coach
Strength & Agility / DB’s / WR’s
SAEPATE VASA - Assis­tant Coach
FS Defen­sive Coör­di­na­tor / Defen­sive Line
STEVE SANTORO - Assis­tant Coach
DB’S / Safeties