2016 Playoff vs Mission

The Future Shines in Lions End-of-Season Playoff Loss

Galileo V 06-19 25
Mission V 22-27 49

A Galileo fumble by freshman running back, Yarvell Smith on the opening kickoff allowed Mission to take a 6-0 lead in the first minute of the 2016 playoff game at Kezar. The Lions mounted an answer but an illegal formation flag nullified a touchdown pass from Adrian Poot to Jackie Guo. The Bears would add another touchdown before Smith scored from 24-yards out to put the Lions on the board. Galileo’s playoff inexperience was notable in the opening half as Mission reclaimed momentum with another score right before halftime to take a 22-6 lead and all the air out of the Lions’ sails.

Kicking off the second half, Galileo allowed Mission to increase their lead by missing multiple tackles during that series, giving the Bears a commanding 3-score lead. With a quiet sideline and a feeling of doom and gloom, things got worse when Galileo’s quarterback, Poot was injured. Sophomore quarterback, Ronald Fox, in his second varsity game, filled in admirably and most importantly, helped electrified his team and the Lions’ fans by making a bullish QB draw straight up the middle of the field, breaking a few tackles with his 145-pound frame. The sideline went buzzing again and the Lions remembered that this game was suppose to be fun and fun they had the rest of the way. So much so, if you walked into the stadium in the fourth quarter, you would have thought Galileo was winning.

Fox would find Guo for a 10-yard connection to open the fourth quarter. Then Mission would answer. Galileo would go on another long drive ending with a 1-yard plunge for Smith. Mission would punt on the ensuing possession but a rookie mistake by Fox led to a Bears’ pick-6 to make it a 49-19 game. Undetered, Fox continued to march Galileo down the field with Smith scoring for a third time on a 5-yard run. Then, junior kicker, Erik Arias made the most exciting Galileo play of the game-Arias looked like he was going to onside kick to the left side then “Rabona” kicked (cross-kick) to the right. A Mission front man muffed the ball and Arias almost recovered the kick with teammate, Nolan Preciado providing a block on the nearest Bears’ player. In the end, it was Antonio Lewis who recovered it for the Lions. Fox got on the field and the offense kept humming along as time expired.

Smith finished his freshman campaign with another AAA-RB-of-the-Year-worthy statline; 343 all-purpose yards, rushed 16/141, received 7/78, returned 7/124.

Despite giving up 42 points, Galileo’s defense had it’s moments; defensive tackle Johan Lacayo picked off a pass, linebacker Miles Mainini caused a fumble recovered by Smith at the 5, defensive end Yousef Saber recovered an ill-advised Bears’ backwards pass, and of course, that onside kick thing.

Galileo finished league-play losing their last 3 games that could have gone either way prior to the playoff game. The playoff loss is an indication of what the league will be facing next season; a sophomore version of Yarvell Smith; the deadly passing game with Poot, Guo, and Erasmo Rivas; an all-city caliber center in Ahmed Balwi; a strong fullback in offensive tackle Johan Lacayo as evident when he took a dive play for 43 yards against the Bears; and all the speed in the world on defense with the likes of DB’s Antonio Lewis and Fox.