2016 Game 7: LINCOLN

Galileo Offense Falters with Chance to Win

Galileo V 08-10 18
Lincoln V 14-21 21

Galileo failed to convert on it’s first two redzone possessions to leave the door open for the Mustangs to strike first. The Lions also failed to convert in it’s last redzone possession to allow Lincoln to escape with a 21-18 victory. The loss drops Galileo to 2-2 in league.

The Mustang’s first touchdown was a gift from Galileo who coughed up the ball at their own 20 before allowing a run-heavy Lincoln team to toss a fade to the left corner of the endzone. When Lincoln added another score, the Lions answered with an Adrian Poot TD pass to Erasmo Rivas. The second half was no different as Lincoln mounted a 21-8 lead, Galileo would answer with another TD strike to Marvell Despanie to make it 21-16. In the end, it was 4 downs starting from Lincoln’s 5 that resulted in 2 false starts, a few negative rushes and a last gasp pass to Despanie in the endzone that was broken up by 2 Lincoln defenders. Poot finished the day with the 2 TD strikes, 7 rushes for 74 yards, a 2-point conversion pass to Jackie Guo and also rushed for a 2-point conversion.

Defensively, Galileo had a difficult time stopping Lincoln’s jumbo package which featured 2 linemen running the ball. The grind took a toll on the Lions as they lost defensive end, Tristan Anderson to a concussion. Linebacker, Connor Chavela led all Lions with 16 tackles.

In a game that fit it’s billing of a tight matchup, it was the Lions who were the generous ones-fumbling a few times and losing one, and throwing 2 interceptions, one in the endzone by Poot and another by running back, Yarvell Smith. Galileo scored a safety late in the game as Lincoln attempted to run out the clock. With 1 second remaining, Galileo could not get a miracle on the kick off return as Smith got tackled after a 15-yard run up the middle.

Defense Falls Flat as Young Lions Drop 2 in a Row

Galileo FS 14-14 28
Lincoln FS 13-19 32

Ronald Fox’s strip and sprint for a 99-yard touchdown along with a late 28-26 lead was not enough as the Mustangs raced ahead on a 45-yard touchdown run to take the lead for good late 4th quarter. Like the varsity squad, the Young Lions also fell to 2-2 in league.