2016 Game 3: PINER

2 Late Lions’ Penalties Cost Game

Galileo V 08-06 14
Piner V 03-14 17

Two late defensive penalties on Galileo, allowed host, Piner to escape with a 17-14 victory. The Prospectors received a facemask penalty to keep their drive alive with under 2 minutes remaining in the game. Then on fourth down, a passing interference call in the endzone put the Propectors in the redzone. The valiant effort by the Lions turned bitter when on yet again another fourth down, Piner’s quarterback scrambled to the right for a 5-yard touchdown and the lead with 28 seconds on the clock. After the kick off, Galileo, starting on their 20, moved the ball past the 50 but ran out of time in the stunning loss. Galileo falls to 1-2 heading into league play and Piner is 1-2, winning their first game of the season.

Galileo controlled the game behind the arm of junior quarterback, Adrian Poot who tossed TD passes of 12 and 24 yards to Erasmo Rivas and Jacky Guo respectively. Galileo’s defense stood tall as well except for the late passing interference penalty and also allowing an early Piner’s TD pass due to a blown coverage exchange.

Young Lions’ Speed too Much for Piner

Galileo JV 14-14 28
Piner JV 00-08 08

The speedy young Lions proved to be too much for the Prospectors even without freshman running back, Yarvell Smith who got called up for varsity duties. Sophomore quarterback, Ronald Fox continued to do the heavy lifting with a duo of freshmen flashing their speed; Royel Edwards and Deshawn Carter.