2016 Game 1: SAN LORENZO

Lions Win Season-Opener After Squandering Big Lead

Galileo V 14-06 20
San Lorenzo V 03-14 17

Senior wide-out, Donovan Hasson made a few acrobatic catches along with his first TD reception of the season to pace Galileo in a game that almost got away. Up 14-0, Galileo allowed San Lorenzo a short field which resulted in a field goal in the waning seconds of the first half. In the second half, a botched snap over the head of senior punter, Nick Bustos, put San Lorenzo in the red zone. A few plays later, San Lorenzo scored on a touchdown reception. Galileo did manage another score but once again the Lions continued to show their generosity by throwing an ill-advised pass across the field that was picked off and returned to their 15. Three plays later, it was a brand new ball game when Galileo allowed another touchdown over the top of their pass coverage-the Rebels had pulled within 3 in a 20-17 game.

Despite having the ball with 2 and a half minutes left in the game, Galileo could not run out the clock. Instead, they turned the ball over on downs to allow San Lorenzo a few desperation heaves with 30 seconds remaining. With all these signs pointing to a young team seemingly not able to hold onto a win, Galileo did find a way to knock down a few passes and then take a knee to finish off their first game of the 2016 season.

Young Lions Look Promising in Loss

Galileo JV 08-00 08
San Lorenzo JV 06-14 20

The Young Lions found out how difficult it is to win when you get 3 touchdowns called back on penalties and throw picks in the redzone. Sophomore safety, Ronald Fox put the Lions up early with a pick-6 but San Lorenzo took the lead late in the third quarter and that was the ball game. Although, things looked bleak, the Young Lions can count their blessings because they know they can score and by allowing only 6 points until the end of the third quarter, they can play some defense too.