2014 Varsity Playoff

Galileo’s Missed Opportunities Allows Lincoln to Slip by Into T-Day

Galileo V 00-00 00
Lincoln V 00-13 13

In a sloppy contest on a rain-soaked field, Galileo battled Lincoln down to the wire. After Lincoln went ahead 7-0 in the third quarter, the Lions rallied for a late defensive stop in the fourth quarter with two and half minutes left. All hopes were dashed when a short pass from Phillip Tran glanced off of running back, Jaienda Kumar’s hands and landed softly into Lincoln’s lap. The Lions didn’t quit and found themselves defending on a fourth down play near mid-field with 15 seconds left. The Mustangs elected to run a play and not punt. In this final play of the season, poor tackling reared it’s ugly head as the Mustangs dodged a few tackles as time wound down. And at the end of the fourth quarter, the Mustangs put up another 6 points for the game’s final score. After a 46-6 loss two weeks ago on the same field, the Lions showed much improvement and heart in this playoff contest.

Galileo’s defense was exceptional with middle backers, Jamari Hilliard-Vasquez (21 T, 2 FR) and Connor Chavela (8 T, 2 TFL) doing most of the heavy lifting. Outside backers, Eddy Yu (15 T, 1 TFL) and Alvin Li (11 T, 1 TFL) played more like defensive ends by keeping the Mustangs’ run game inside the box. Defensive end, Justin Manalang played a career game with double-digit tackles, 14 T & 3 TFL. Defensive tackle, Victor Ortiz matched Manalang’s effort with 11 T, 3 TFL, 1 FC. DB’s, Rodney Morgan (14 T, 1 INT)  and Garland Tu picked off passes (3 T, 1 INT). Hilliard-Vasquez two fumble recoveries were a career high. All-in-all, the Lions put forth a brilliant effort worth remembering.