2014 GLF Awards

The Galileo Lions Foot­ball Pro­gram have awards for 3 dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories; sum­mer awards, weekly awards dur­ing the sea­son, and the end of the fall sea­son awards. Var­sity play­ers are awarded hel­met stick­ers after each game. All awards are not for per­sonal glory but to rec­og­nize a player’s ded­i­ca­tion and hard-work.


The Most Inspi­ra­tional Player – Justin Manalang (V) & Angel Salado (FS)
George White Award (coach’s award) – Zach Dang (V) & Angel Salado (FS)
Sam Peo­ples Award (lead­er­ship award) – Phillip Tran (V) & Angel Salado (FS)
Best Defen­sive Player – Jamari Hilliard-Vasquez (V) & Connor Chavela (FS)
Best Offen­sive Player – Rodney Morgan (V) & Markell Vilce (FS)
Spe­cial­ist of the Year – Rodney Morgan (V) & Koan Ng (FS)
Best Line­men (HOG) – Victor Ortiz (V) & Christian Eseroma (FS)
Most Improved – Phillip Tran (V) & Bryan Lam (FS)
Rookie of the Year – Garland Tu (Sr)
Angelo Rubi Award (freshman of the year award) – Emiliano Guerrero
Iron­man Award – Alvin Li (V) & Connor Chavela (FS)
Come­back Player of the Year – Eddy Yu (V)
GPA Award – Gary Zhao (V)
G-Web Award (best con­trib­u­tor to our website) – No One…again.


Hudari Mur­ray Award (best weight­room warrior)

  • Pat “Izzy” Israel (V)
  • Miles Mainini (FS)

Best Com­bine Athlete

  • Eddy Yu (V)

Best Sum­mer Camper

  • Alvin Li (V)
  • Miles Mainini (FS)

The Scottie Prom Mr. Lion Award

  • Zach Dang (Sr)


* The Coach George White Award is given to the player who was not only coachable but worked really well with the coaching staff. Coach George White is the most highly decorated coach in Galileo history with 9 city championships.
**The Sam Peoples Award is given to the player who exemplified the true meaning of leadership. This player leads by actions and not words. He is an example of integrity and accountability. A natural leader, Sam Peoples quarterbacked the first undefeated Galileo team in the 1988-89 season.
***The Hudari Murray Award is given to the player who “lives in the weightroom”. This player is not only dedicated and disciplined in his workouts but also shows the best gain in overall lifts and muscle-mass. Hudari Murray is a 3-time all city player linebacker who played in all 3 teams during the 1988-90 3-peat. As an assistant coach in the late 90’s to early 2k’s, Murray’s dedication in getting players to the weightroom during the spring and summer were key components to the ’96, ’98, and ’01.
****The Angelo Rubi Award is given to the top freshman of the season. It is not about stats and level of play on the field but the commitment and hard work put in during the summer and the season. Angelo Rubi (2013) was the first incoming frosh player to show up for summer practices in coach Mark Huynh’s era.
****The Scottie Prom Mr. Lion Award is given to the player who earns the most points during the off-season. Each player is required to earn 200 points to participate in the Fall season. The Points System keeps players accountable in contribution towards their program. The concept is that there are “no free lunch” and that each player must “earn their place at the table”.