The 2013 season yielded a 17th city championship for Galileo. After losing a close game at Tamalpais, the Lions finished the season without a loss, compiling 12 straight victories culminated in a tightly contested 34-30 victory in the championship game against Lincoln (scroll to bottom for game highlights).

2013 HIGHLIGHT REEL: The reel is broken down into 6 chapters with a TOP 10 feature in each of the 3 phases of football, culminating in the Play of the Year.
PART I: The Opening Slideshow, “A Season in Reverse”

PART II: Special Teams

PART III: Offense

PART IV: Bloopers

PART V: Defense

PART VI: Credits with a hidden gem


TDAY CHAMPIONSHIP HIGHLIGHTS: The Raw Footage Reel (dedicated to the Lions Faithful).