2013 BYE WEEK SCHEDULE (update 9/23)

GALILEO-PURPLE-TEE.jpgGalileo’s varsity squad finished with a 3-1 non-league record heading into the bye week before league play. The off-season is done. The pre-season is done. It’s time to work even harder heading into league for the regular season. In the end, your reward is the post season.

Last season, we started a new tradition during the bye week, we call it “Appreciation Week” in which we celebrate each grade within our team and take part in our “Coaches’ Challenge”. Each grade level will compete against the coaching staff in various events.

Why is practice so inconsistent? We are juggling many things such as; faculty meetings (Wed & Thurs), soccer home matches (Tues & Thurs), frosh soph home game (Fri), the field rental to outside groups that starts at 6-ish and of course, the Bye Week chaos. Another obstacle coming soon is the end of  Daylight Savings.


Saturday 9/21

  • no practice…enjoy!

Monday 9/23

  • no practice…do your homework!
  • might be a players-only meeting, check with your captains.

Tuesday 9/24 – soccer

  • Soccer home match 3:45pm
  • Varsity in weight room @ 3:20pm
  • Varsity on the hill @ 4pm
  • Varsity film @ 4:30pm
  • Varsity on the field after soccer match

Wednesday 9/25 – early start

  • study hall 2:10-3
  • Varsity practice @ 2:30

Thursday 9/26 – study hall

  • study hall 2:10-3
  • Varsity practice @ 3:15

Friday 9/27

  • Varsity practice @ 3:25

Saturday 9/28

  • no practice…enjoy!

*Note that the following week, there will 2 soccer home matches (Tues, Thurs) and also a FS Football game @ home on Friday. We play Mission @ Lowell on Saturday. It will be our roughest week this season with 3 out of 5 days of post-game practices.


Monday 9/30 – regular day

  • Varsity practice @ 3:25pm

Tuesday 10/1 – soccer

  • Soccer home match 3pm
  • Varsity Film @ 4pm
  • Varsity practice after soccer match

Wednesday 10/2 – early start

  • Varsity practice @ 2:30

Thursday 10/3 – soccer

  • Soccer home match 3pm
  • Varsity special teams @ 2:25pm to 3pm (all members of the “Purple Pride” report)
  • Varsity Film @ 4pm
  • Varsity practice after soccer match

Friday 10/4 – FS fball

  • FS home game vs Mission FS 3pm
  • Varsity pregame after FS game

Saturday 10/5 –  game day!

  • Varsity game vs Mission V @ Lowell High Field 2pm